MOI Officer complains being tortured
Image Credit: Al-Qabas

Kuwait News, Dec 30: The leading officer in the Ministry of Interior submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecution, about being kidnapped and physically tortured by the State Security Service. reported by Al-Qabas.

Sources reported that the officer mentioned in his complaint a serious incident, represented by his imprisonment for a day and a half in the “cold room,” noting that the room did not contain chairs, which made him sleep on the floor throughout his detention in a very cold degree.

The officer also noted in his complaint – in addition to all the torture he was subjected to – that insults and slander were directed at him during his interrogation.


The sources confirmed that the Public Prosecution requested to unload the cameras in the State Security, in order to infer in its investigations the charges mentioned in the officer’s complaint. [Also Read: Expats in Kuwait dissatisfied with working long hours]

On the other hand, MP Abdul Karim Al-Kandari tweeted today, addressing the Minister of Interior, saying: “Brother, the new Minister of Interior, there is a citizen who was subjected to torture in State Security, and there is a statement from the President of the National Office for Human Rights to monitor crimes of torture in the police stations. Your responsibilities that you swore a while ago, “and defend the freedoms of the people.”

The head of the National Bureau of Human Rights, Ambassador Jassem Al-Mubaraki, revealed through Al-Qabas in yesterday’s (Tuesday ) issue that complaints had been received about cases of torture in some police stations, stressing that these actions, if true, would offend Kuwait’s reputation and require a decisive stance from the Minister of Interior.


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