Jahra gold shop robbers arrested within 24 hrs, they burned 3kg gold

  • Robbers were arrested less than 24 hours after the crime was committed, and they were surprised to find them, despite the good planning.

Kuwait News, Jan 14: Police authorities caught Jahra gold shop robbers who were targeted a gold store in the Jahra area, taking advantage of the thick fog that enveloped the country on Tuesday evening and early Wednesday, despite the perpetrators’ attempts to hide by covering their faces and wearing gloves to not leave Antiquities, but the detectives and in less than 24 hours were able to arrest them and find the stolen gold, which is estimated at more than 3 kilos of gold. They burned it.

And the operations of the Ministry of Interior had received at dawn on Wednesday a report that unknown persons stole a gold store after destroying the outer door, and a video clip showed the perpetrators covering their faces with plastic bags for camouflage and placing masks. They carried out the crime within 3 minutes after they pulled out the outer door using a car.

The source added: Immediately, a working team was formed that was able, within hours, to identify the suspects, and then arrest them all and seize the stolen gold.


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And the source added: The accused were subjected to investigations, where they admitted agreement and coordination among themselves, as they prepared the equipment to carry out the theft.

The defendants also admitted that they had prepared a plan that they thought was impossible to identify, and the defendants are being referred to the Public Procution and the case of theft of the Jahra gold store is being closed.


Adil Khan

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