Cruel fight between citizens, one of them is critical condition due to a stab wound in the neck

Kuwait City, April 23: A Kuwaiti young man born in 1985, was placed in the intensive care room in the Farwaniya Hospital, while other young men received treatment for separate injuries and stabs inflicted on them, and a number of the injured were detained in the police station until the case of the injured was found, and then an investigation was opened to determine the circumstances of the bloody fight that occurred Between its extremities.

According to a security source, the Ministry of Interior operations received notification from Al Farwaniyah Hospital that a number of youths had arrived with separate injuries and stabs as a result of a fight and that one of them was in critical condition due to a stab wound in the neck.

The source added: Immediately, a security force was instructed to move to the Farwaniya Hospital in order to support the security point inside the hospital, and then a quick investigation was opened, which concluded that the quarrels were neighbors in the Sabah Al-Nasser area, Q6, and a dispute occurred between them that developed into an exchange of beating and stabbing.


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The young man’s stabbing case comes hours after the murder of a female citizen and mother of two children at the hands of a Kuwaiti youth, a crime that received great attention from all segments of society.

On the other hand, the Central Prison witnessed yesterday a violent quarrel between two Kuwaiti inmates, which resulted in fractures and separate injuries between them. The case was registered under the classification of felonies and called exchange beatings. It stated that the quarrel occurred between two inmates, the first was born in 1969 and the second was born in 1988, and that the medical report of the first inmate included a broken nose, while the second injury was a bruise in the nose and a broken nose, and the injured were referred for treatment at Al Farwaniyah Hospital. This, and it is scheduled to re-investigate the inmates to determine the causes of the quarrel that occurred between them.

Adil Khan

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