Criminal Court sentences Farah Akbar's killer to death
Image Credit: Al-Qabas

Kuwait City, July 6: A short while ago, the Criminal Court issued a death sentence for the killer of Farah Akbar by hanging.

The death sentence issued by Counselor Faisal Al-Harbi comes 77 days after the horrific crime that killed the late Farah Hamza Akbar, which took her life during the day in Ramadan, as the majestic Kuwaiti judiciary said its word and the Criminal Court issued its death sentence on the killer after marathon judicial sessions in a case of Among the fastest in the corridors of the courts.

Relatives of the late Farah and human rights activists have gathered in the corridors of the court since the early morning hours, carrying her pictures and recalling the details of the heinous crime in which the soul of a young woman was killed, echoes of her murder echoed outside Kuwait.

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On June 22, the Public Prosecution demanded the execution of the accused, as the Public Prosecution Office, Ibrahim Al-Manea, pleaded, saying: “How many girls have died because of oppression or revenge?!”

He added, “We demand the imposition of the maximum penalties in this case, for the reason is not in this case, but rather in the absence of another crime in the future, and for society to live in a safe future.”


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