4 charges against the fraudster of the initiative to pay off people loans

4 charges against the fraudster of the initiative to pay off people loans

Kuwait City, Oct 10: The Public Prosecutor decided, Friday to detain Ahmed Al-Rasheed, the owner of the initiative to pay off citizens’ loans, to complete investigations with him.

The Public Prosecution charged Al-Rasheed with 4 charges, most notably: fraud through social networking sites, and the practice of money exchange activity without a license. The investigation was opened based on the complaint submitted by the Central Bank and the Union of Banks.

An informed source told Al-Qabas that the accused, Al-Rasheed, denied the charges against him, and informed the Deputy Public Prosecutor during the investigation that no one was behind him, refusing to disclose his plan for how to pay the debts of the borrowing citizens.


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According to the source, the accused, Al-Rasheed, said during the investigations to the prosecution: Release me now and wait for me for two weeks only, and I will prove to you that I will repay the loans of 2,000 citizens.

In addition, Al-Rasheed’s defense, lawyer Youssef Al-Gharballi, told Al-Qabas that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, and my client does not have a charge that legally applies to him. and a humanitarian state.


Case dimensions

Al-Rasheed’s case, the details of which were published by Al-Qabas on July 9, took a new turn after the Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the initiator and a number of his aides in the case, although he was previously arrested twice by the men of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and investigated in the same case, and then release him.

After he was arrested for the first time on July 8, against the backdrop of an advertisement posted on social media, in which he claimed his ability to “pay citizens’ premiums,” he was transferred to the Investigation Bureau of the General Administration of Criminal Investigation to investigate the authenticity of what he published. The defaulters paid him a symbolic amount monthly for 20 years. He also stipulated that the debtor should attend to him personally at his office in the Khaitan area. When he was inquired about it, it was found that he was in debt and wanted to repay bank loans, but he was released to re-publish his initiative on a larger scale.

Personal Loan

Security sources said that the criminal investigation officers filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against him after he was arrested again on September 13, after he became famous in society on a larger scale, and after interrogation, he was released for the second time.


The sources added that the Criminal Investigation Department played its role in this case to the fullest, and summoned the initiator more than once and interrogated him, and referred him to the Public Prosecution, which has the right to take legal measures against him. The sources explained that the detectives arrested the initiator for the third time, and referred him to the Public Prosecution, which ordered his detention after it became clear that he was unable to pay a personal loan to him, which called on the banks to take legal measures against him, noting that a number of citizens rushed to cancel the agencies that They released it for fear of being exploited by the accused.

3 times tuning

• On July 8, he was arrested by the General Department of Criminal Investigation, referred to the investigation office, and released.

• On September 13, he was arrested for the second time and interrogated, and then the Criminal Investigation Department submitted a complaint against him to the Public Prosecutor.


• On October 7, he was arrested for the third time, and referred to the Public Prosecution Office, which ordered his detention pending the case.


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