Selling sick leave certificates, 2 Kuwaiti women caught

selling sick leave certificates
selling sick leave certificates

Kuwait: The Ministry of internal affairs has referred to the three employees working in the ministry of health and two of them Kuwaiti women are selling sick leave certificates with an old stamp which is canceled in 2017.

According to the al- Anbaa newspaper, the officers are looking for the fourth person who is involved in this crime.

Two female employees who were engaged in entering data into a computer system prepared the reports themselves instead of one doctor, while a third stamped the reports.

After the reports were seized, it was revealed that the reports contained a stamp of a doctor working at Adon Hospital, but the seal was said to be out of date and was revoked in 2017.

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Added daily, the concerned authorities are counting the money earned by these individuals through their illegal activities and also looking for the beneficiaries who have benefited from this illegal ‘trade’.

The name of the fourth member of the fugitive gang selling sick leave certificates has been publicized among security officials for his arrest.

Source: Kuwaitlocal


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