Cold and changeable weather until Friday|By mid-January 2021 the weather will reach 0 degrees


The astronomer Adel Al-Marzouq said that the northeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula, in which the State of Kuwait is located in its geographical area, will be affected in the coming days by the blowing of cold, light-speed northwesterly winds, whose speed ranges between 7 and 12 km / h to moderate speed (20 and 25) km/hr leading to A decrease in temperature, especially tomorrow, Monday, and ranges between 14 and 16 degrees in the daytime, and the possibility of it being between 7 and 8 degrees at night.

Therefore, the weather during this period will be cold, especially at night as a result of the presence of air high with a strength between (1022 and 1024) millibars centered on The coasts of the Arab countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean coast, and this air height is the result of an extension of the Siberian high.

Al-Marzouq added: This air height continues until next Wednesday morning, then gradually decreases from morning until it fades on Wednesday, turning into depression causing instability in the weather that will continue until the end of next week.


And he continued: This air depression is concentrated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in the Sultanate of Oman. When these winds meet with the Sudanese depression extending into the central and northern Arabian Peninsula, they form an air front that leads to light and sporadic thunderstorms that begin to fall from next Wednesday evening until Thursday noon, then the cold northwest winds return again on Friday and lead to a decrease in temperature in The night will be between (7 and 8) degrees, but the weather is sunny and the sky is clear and free of clouds until the beginning of the New Year,

Al-Marzouq added: Astronomically, the heart enters today, Sunday, which is the second star in the cold square period, like the red star (Antares) appears in the dawn in the south, and the appearance of this star is an indication of the end of storms and strong winds, as it enters tomorrow, Monday, Capricorn, where they perpendicular The sun is on the Tropic of Capricorn, which is located south of the geographical equator, and perpendicular to the Sun in the Tropic of Capricorn, the night is very long and the day is very short.

This, and the region’s weather during this coming period is affected by the presence of a huge range of (Jet Stream) or jet winds, and these winds are in the upper atmosphere, which is very high winds and their height above sea level exceeds 40 thousand feet, which are very cold winds with a temperature of between 15 And 35 degrees below zero, which are very fast winds, with a speed of more than 180 km / h.


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And usually, the direction of this jet wind is its rush from the west towards the east, this huge range of jet winds most often originates from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the west and goes towards the east until it reaches beyond the central Asian region in China, which is called the Asian steppe to the east


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