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Sir Philip Barton, the most senior British diplomat, Commonwealth and Development, Permanent Under Secretary for British Foreign, made a virtual trip to Kuwait and held a series of virtual meetings with Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry officials, a roundtable for climate change Hosted the conference, and launched a campaign focusing on the UK’s experience in innovation, research and technology.


He also met with the staff of the British Embassy, ​​after which he met with Assistant Foreign Minister Walid al-Khoobizi and discussed Kuwait’s leading role in addressing Gulf conflicts, bilateral cooperation and regional issues.

During the round table meeting, Sir Philip touched on the forthcoming UN Dialogue of the 26th Climate Action Summit on Climate Change to be held in Glasgow, UK in November and commitments to tackle climate change through local politics and international forums Indicated.

He listened to officials of the Environmental Public Authority, and from the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Dr. Khalid also met Mahdi. The meeting was also attended by Hidco Hadzialak, a representative representative of the United Nations Development Program and Ghas al-Khoza. , The regional representative of the World Bank.


The visit concluded with the launch of the Innotech2021 campaign for the British Embassy, ​​which demonstrates the UK’s distinction in the fields of scientific research, collaboration and innovation. The campaign logo and hashtag (# Innotech20Q8) were addressed. Philippe Director General of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Dr. Sameera Omar and President of Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Drs. Khalid also met al-Baqain.

The discussions revealed that we share a determination to meet regional and global challenges such as climate change and security issues, and give us an exciting glimpse into the future of scientific cooperation between our two countries through the Innotech Campaign 2021 Granted.

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Source: Al-Anbaa


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