An American-Lebanese dispute suspends “demarcation” negotiations with Israel

An American-Lebanese dispute suspends “demarcation” negotiations with Israel

The sixth round of negotiations, which was supposed to be held yesterday, between the Lebanese and Israeli delegations, under American auspices, and under the supervision of the United Nations, has been canceled., Until midnight Tuesday-Wednesday, the contacts were continuing between Lebanese and American officials.To agree on common points and complete the negotiation rounds, but no agreement was reached, and accordingly it was announced that the session would be postponed to a date that has not yet been determined, in a step that does not indicate any positives unless there is a development that would restore matters to normal.The file of demarcating the southern borders of Lebanon was supposed to be the main entry, if completed, to start a political breakthrough inside the country, especially since the demarcation negotiations came at the time of reviving negotiations in all the countries of the region.The first considers that the file is folded until the regional track is crystallized and agreements are concluded as a result of the negotiations taking place in Vienna and Iraq, and thus when the grand agreement takes place, it will become possible to complete the demarcation file in Lebanon, because it will be a direct reflection of external developments., As for the second viewpoint, it considers that the file has become pending because Lebanon refused to concede its rights and did not respond to the American demands to negotiate according to the lines set in the United Nations, that is, to negotiate an area of ​​860 square kilometers. 29, which gives it an area of ​​2,290 square kilometers, and the most recent problem is inside Lebanon and with Washington, which considered that the Lebanese could not engage in this way, and that their demand was rejected altogether, and American officials advised the Lebanese of the necessity to concede to the success of the negotiations, otherwise Israel will continue digging and extracting Lebanon will lose because of the delay.The delegations went to the fifth round of negotiations, and before the session a meeting was held between the Lebanese and American delegations to lay down some common points. The American side asked the Lebanese to commit to negotiating an area of ​​860 km2, but the latter refused, and negotiation sessions were held over a period of five hours, during which no agreement was reached. Any agreement. The delegations left to make room for political contacts that lasted until late at night, and a meeting was held between President Michel Aoun and the members of the Lebanese delegation. That is, without committing to what the American and Israeli sides want to grant Lebanon an area of ​​only 550 square kilometers out of an area of ​​860, while it is considered that its right is much greater than that. This file cannot be separated from developments taking place abroad, because there are many issues related to it politically, Some of the sources following the file considered that in the end everyone will return to the negotiating table, but perhaps after the vision and course of the regional negotiations becomes clear, and then Lebanon will find itself forced to reach an agreement.What is required from Lebanon is to obtain a full area of ​​860 km2, while protecting fields in the depth of the sea with the most southern extension, which is what Lebanon calls, for example, the “Qana field”, which starts at line 23, which is the Lebanese line specified in the United Nations, and extends to a larger area The South, and the information confirms that this line in relation to Lebanon is a red line that cannot be conceded. Lebanese to a social explosion.Due to the complications occurring, American sources indicate that Lebanon is the loser from the political practice it pursues, as it is under pressure because of its positions, and the French initiative fails amid threatening to impose sanctions from the French on Lebanese officials, which means closing all windows that can breathe through., The Americans consider that no one is interested in Lebanon, and therefore its reality is likely to face many pressures and collapses unless the officials succeed in dealing with the issues raised responsibly.On the other hand, Lebanon seems to refuse to use the financial and economic stressful situation to make basic concessions in terms of marine wealth, and negotiations are currently suspended, and the only way to solve them is to achieve a regional settlement that will quickly and directly affect all internal files.

Source: Al-Jarida


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