Al-Nasser integration between the dialogue countries |Meeting of the Asian Cooperation


The Foreign Minister, Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed, the Kuwaiti delegation at the 17th Ministerial Meeting of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue held through Audiovisual Communication Technology.

In Kuwait’s speech at this meeting, Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed emphasized the importance that Kuwait has of improving integration and joint cooperation between the countries of the Asian dialogue in the various economic and development areas and combating the emerging pandemic of the coronavirus (Covid -19) attaches.

He stressed Kuwait’s willingness to improve the competencies of dialogue and bring them to new horizons that reflect the importance of the Asian continent in terms of size, number, and resources, in order to realize the hopes and aspirations of its people.


He recalled Kuwait’s hosting of the first Asian Dialogue Summit, as well as the hosting of the Headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue, which is in line with Kuwait’s foreign policy to improve cooperation and integration among the countries of Asia.

The following is the text of the word:

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the friendly Republic of Turkey for hosting the 17th ministerial meeting of the dialogue on Asian cooperation.


In this regard, I would like to thank the sister state of Qatar for its valued efforts during its presidency of The Sixteenth Ministerial Meeting on Asian Cooperation Dialogue.

I also thank the General Secretariat for their efforts. Efforts to prepare for this meeting and to coordinate between the Member States.

We meet in delicate and exceptional circumstances in light of the outbreak of the (Covid-19) epidemic. In this context, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of the victims and express my sincere wish for a speedy recovery to those affected.


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The effects of this pandemic have dwarfed all aspects of our lives and threatened the security and stability of our countries.

Therefore, cooperation and coordination have become an urgent need to meet global challenges and ensure the security of our citizens.


Kuwait attaches great importance to Asian cooperation and the rapprochement of the countries of our continent, and the Asian cooperation dialogue is the only forum that brings together the different countries of the Asian continent, and Kuwait promotes the work of the Asian cooperation dialogue on the basis of its belief that the countries of the continent should merge into a bloc capable of realizing the hopes and aspirations of their people, and Kuwait is proud to be the first country.

The Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) hosts at several levels A ministerial meeting was also held as part of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue and the General Secretariat of the ACD.

In view of the challenges faced by the Member States in the Asian cooperation dialogue, we must step up cooperation and concerted efforts for the benefit of our peoples.


One of the positive steps in this area is the first hypothetical conference, held yesterday, January 20, 2021, of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Member States.

This meeting provides an opportunity to discuss the challenges and provides a basis for achieving the goals set out in the Kingdom of Thailand Vision for 2030 set out in the Second Summit of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue based on the position of the Asian continent and the enormous resources and energies that it enjoys.

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