185 Residence Of Expats Expire On Daily Basis As They Are Unable To Return


The  Public Authority for Manpower stated that 362 work permits have been issued in the last 15 days  since the authority announced on January 24 that work permits will be issued for those who have prior approval from the Council of Ministers.

9,271 work permits of expats were cancelled in the last 27 days, while 87,490 work permits were renewed.

The work permits revoked due to expats residing outside the country reached 4,999.


Around 185 expats’ residence has been revoked on a daily basis due as they are outside Kuwait, reports Al Rai.

3,534 work permits were cancelled as expats were leaving permanently, 555 work permits were cancelled due to the death of the worker.

183 work permits joined the family from work visa.


Source ArabTimesonline


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