Who is Sophia Urista? Brass Against Singer Peed On Stage

Who is Sophia Urista? Sophia Urista is an American songwriter, Singer and Brass Against Vocalist. She is recently trending on google and People are trolling Brass Against’s Sophia Urista for her last name after the she peed on a fan’s face on the stage. Yes, you heard it right!

Formerly She was a contestant at the famous TV show “The Voice” US in season 11 in 2016. She competed in all the rounds until she got eliminated. She was selected by the show judge and leader Miley Cirus.

Sophia always wanted to be in showbiz as a singer. However, her parents were against her career choice. Hence, she decided to move to New York City to pursue her dreams with $700 dollars and million-dollar dreams at the age of 21.


Prior to “The Voice”, she performed at Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and was mentored by Quincy Jones.

Is really Brass against singer Peed on stage? what exactly happened on the stage?

A video of Sohpia peeing on a fan’s face while performing on the stage has many wishing they hadn’t seen it. The singer is seen exposing her private parts as she’s pulled her pants down before indulging in the questionable act.

And, much to everyone’s surprise, a willing fan is seen laying face-up on the stage under Sophia’s powerful stream. The incident took place on November 11, 2021 at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Daytona Beach, Florida. The band was performing to Rage Against Machine’s ‘Wake Up’.


Furthermore, their performance was being live-streamed on Twitch, which had to be cut short due to Sophia’s actions.

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You can watch the NSFW video here. Watch Video



In a tweet shared after what unfolded on the stage, Brass Against said Sophia “got carried” away and it wouldn’t repeat again.

The tweet read, “We had a great time last night at Welcome to Rockville. Sophia got carried away. That’s not something the rest of us expected, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows. Thanks for bringing it last night, Daytona.”


Nevertheless, Twitter users were stunned by what they saw.

One wrote, “Brass Against and Sophia Urista just took the definition of “livestreaming” to a whole new level.” Another joked, “Sophia Urista? More like So-pee-ya Urinsta amiright”

Who is Sophia Urista?

Sophia Urista is an American singer and songwriter. She has been a part of Brass Against for a long time. She competed in The Voice Season 11 in 2016. She was 31 when she took part in the singing reality show.


According to NBC, she is said to have come from a “very traditional family”. Apparently, she was a pre-med student before continuing her passion for music.

Over the years, she has been recognized as a singer for Brass Against. Her hit songs include Wake Up, Rooster, The Pot and Killing in Name.

She has 58,000 followers on Instagram. Images from her account reveal that she was in a relationship with Jessica King, a fitness instructor.


Sophia Urista Age, Biography, Wiki, and more

NameSophia Urista
Age35 (as of 2021)
ProfessionMusical Artist
Net Worth$7 million
EducationUniversity of Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is age of Sophia Urista?

35 Years old (as of 2021)

What is Net Worth of Sophia Urista?

Sophia Urista net worth is around $7 million.


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