Kuwait recorded More than 25,000 coronavirus cases in February

Kuwait News: 25,009 new coronavirus infections were recorded in February 2021. The health authorities believe that if the number of coronavirus cases decreases at the beginning of the coming week, this will imply adherence to the ministry’s health regulations. While the continuous increase in the number of cases will indicate a lack of commitment, Al Qabas reported.

Health sources explained to the daily that the transmission of coronavirus virus from asymptomatic people to others through gatherings and contact has caused the number of patients to increase rapidly in general Covid-19 wards as well as ICUs.

The sources also told the daily that 124 deaths were recorded due to complications from Corona in the country during last February, in addition, 25,009 new infections were recorded and 102 patients were admitted to the intensive care unit.


While in January 2021 14,388 new infections and 23 deaths were recorded. Last year, December 2020, the number of infection were even lower. 7,594 new infections and 53 deaths were recorded.

The official numbers imply that last month the most number of infections were recorded since the outbreak of the virus in the country, which amounted to 23,019 last May, 19,152 in June, 20,762 in July, 18,152 in August, 20,073 in September, 20,744 in October, 16,709 in November, 7,592 in December, And 14,388 new infections in January.

Death cases


Regarding the death rate, the sources said that May 2020 recorded 186 deaths due to the virus, 142 in June, 93 in July, 84 in August, 79 deaths in September, 169 in October, 101 in November, 53 cases in December, and 23 deaths during January 2021 and 124 death during February 2021.

Source: timeskuwait


Adil Khan

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