List the names of new non-Kuwaiti stranded people and stop their salaries

Public school teachers asked to register for the vaccination
Public school teachers asked to register for the vaccination

Kuwait City, March 2: The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, Osama Al-Sultan, asked the directors of school districts and religious education to list the names of teachers who were cut off from work in the second semester, especially the new stranded people who were unable to return.

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Al-Sultan said in a general bulletin to the educational districts that Al-Qabas obtained a copy of it, “Due to the start of the workforce for the second semester in the various educational stages, please kindly circulate to all your work centers to list the names of non-Kuwaiti workers who did not start work in the second semester, And they were on duty until the end of the first semester of the current academic year 2020/2021, provided that the data in the lists include the person’s name, civil number, specialty, work center, nationality, educational region, and the reason for discontinuation.

And he stressed the need to address the competent authorities to stop the salary, in the event that the period of their interruption is completed for the legal period stipulated in Resolution No. 41 of 2006, and to commit to implementing all regulations and systems in this regard and civil service circulars regarding those stranded outside the country.

The Sultan requested that the public education sector be provided with a hard copy document approved by the direct director and the educational district, in addition to an electronic copy of this data, so that the matter could be followed up with the relevant sectors.

Source: Al-Qabas


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