Kuwait City, April 12: The National Aviation Services Company (NAS) announced that it is signing a partnership agreement with the World Economic Forum to integrate records of anti-Coronavirus vaccines used in the country on the Kuwait Traveler platform with many countries and local and international airlines.
CEO Hassan Al-Houri said that linking the Corona vaccine certificate issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health to the “Common Trust Network” will make international travel safer by providing documented passenger vaccination records that can be verified and by the relevant official authorities.

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He stated that the “Common Trust Network”, which was launched through cooperation between the World Economic Forum and the Joint Ventures Foundation, helps link laboratory results and vaccination records through an interoperable platform, to enhance cross-border travel and trade, especially since the Kuwait platform has been developed. A traveler by the National Aviation Services Company “NAS”.


According to Al-Houry, “Discussions are taking place with the International Air Transport Association, to achieve integration and facilitate travel using the IATA passport, which will allow the storage and management of vaccination certificates for COVID-19 tests or vaccines.”

Al-Houri said that travel spending has been noticed recently, and that there is an increase in demand from travelers in Kuwait and from all over the world.

“Therefore, we are keen on cooperating with the relevant official authorities to facilitate the movement of travel by enhancing passenger confidence, through platforms such as Kuwait Traveler, and we focus on safer and simpler electronic solutions that can help in the local and global recovery of travel,” he added.


Al-Houry stressed that, after obtaining the certificate of the Corona vaccine, travelers can rest assured of the complete confidentiality of their personal data and have the option to share their personal records when needed.

“The Kuwait Traveler network will be empowered through a global registry of trusted laboratories and vaccination data sources, standard formats for laboratory results and vaccination records, and standard tools to make these results and records digitally shareable,” he said.

“The Joint Ventures Foundation has introduced Common Pass, which is a globally interoperable application, which allows travelers to digitally document their Corona test results for cross-border travel and share them via the QR code,” Al-Houry said.




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