50% of cafes are permanently closed, 20% of restaurants are before the judiciary

50% of cafes are permanently closed, 20% of restaurants are before the judiciary
Image Source@Al-Anbaa

Kuwait City, Mar 1: President of the Kuwaiti Federation of Restaurant, Café and Catering Company owners Fahad Al-Arbash said that the recent cabinet decision to prevent customers from receiving restaurants and to be satisfied with the delivery service and food receipt has affected some restaurants, especially those inside commercial complexes, where the percentage of losses reached 100%. Delivery service is not provided, and the type of food served differs from the food that is delivered to customers.

Al-Arbash added in a special statement to a local paper that 20% of restaurants in Kuwait have filed lawsuits due to the delay in rents and their inability to comply with the financial claims that they owe, especially in light of the deteriorating conditions and instability between opening and closing.

He also revealed that 50% of the cafes were completely closed after the continued decision to prevent the provision of hookahs in them, which exposed them to great losses.

Al-Arbash pointed out that the Kuwaiti Federation of Restaurant and Café Owners submitted a letter a few days ago to the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly demanding that the government quickly intervene and compensate the owners of restaurants and cafes and those affected by compensation immediately, because the recent decisions may expose many initiators and owners of small and medium enterprises to prison for their inability to fulfill their obligations Materialism.

Source: Al-anbaa


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