15 minutes was not enough for the worshipers in Tarawih


The worshipers have returned to revive Ramadan nights in their mosques, after a break last year due to the Corona pandemic, with joy overwhelming men and sadness over women and children, for not being able to attend mosques, due to health requirements issued by the Council of Ministers, to limit the spread of the Corona V virus, which is sweeping the world.

With the end of the evening prayer, last Monday night, Kuwait’s mosques revived the first night of Ramadan with Tarawih prayers, in an atmosphere of faith spirituality and a clear commitment to health requirements, including wearing masks and bringing the rug to prayer and diverging between the worshipers.

Despite the joy of the worshipers, the complaint was great about reducing the time for Tarawih prayers, for a period of 15 minutes, which made the imams hurry in performing the prayers and shorten their recitation, which left resentment of the elderly, who perform their prayers carefully, demanding an increase in the time of prayer, so that it is not less than half The hour is not more than an hour, so that the worshipers can sense the spiritual atmosphere in Tarawih prayers.


A number of worshipers also conveyed women’s displeasure over the decision to prevent them from performing the ritual prayer in mosques.


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