Who is Tamilan Prasanna’s wife Nadhiya? why #justicefornathiya is Trending

Who is Nadhiya? why #justicefornathiya is Trending on Twitter today, in the Twitter trends about justice for Nadhiya from DMK leaders. what exactly happened with her.

DMK spokesman Tamilan Prasanna’s wife Nadhiya dies at the age of 35 by suicide in Kodungaiyur in Chennai. A Mother of three children. Suicide for not celebrating a birthday is not believable and this case creates a lot of questions against husband Tamilan Prasanna.

In this article, we will share with you little information about Nadhiya. and there is no such full information about her yet on the public. Based on our sources we got little knowledge about her to let’s read completely.


According to Twitter BJP Account, In Tamilnadu, “there is mysterious Nadhiya death that happened and needs to be investigated. When ordinary party men threatening the police, he is the ruling party star speaker. I demand fair inquiry under the court’s supervision. The investigative journalist will take two weeks’ leave.”

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Who is Nadhiya?

Nadhiya is a DMK spokesman Tamilan Prasanna’s wife and she dies at the age of 35 by suicide in Kodungaiyur in Chennai.


What is the age of Tamilan Prasanna’s wife?

35 year, Nadhiya age


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