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Essay on National Voters Day 2022: When is National Voters’ Day celebrated, Date, Theme, Purpose, Essay.

India is a largest democratic country in the world. As we all know, in a democratic country like India, voting is no less than a festival. Voters’ Day is also organized on 25 January every year in our country India.

On this day, the attention of the citizens towards the election and its importance. The responsibility of fair and smooth elections in this country rests with the Election Commission of India.


This constitutional body was constituted on January 25, 1950. So let us know about the importance of National Voters’ Day and various aspects related to it through this article.

National Voters Day

DayNational Voters’ Day
Date25 January
ObjectiveTo spread awareness about voting
When did it startyear 2011

What is National Voters Day?

The Election Commission of India was established on January 25, 1950. An initiative was taken to celebrate this establishment date as National Voters’ Day. It is being celebrated since the year 2011.

On this day in India, programs are organized by the government to spread awareness about voting. On this day, citizens are also told about the importance of their participation in the progress of the country. Only one vote can bring a big difference in the destiny of the country.


When was the National Voters’ Day celebrated for the first time?

The first National Voters’ Day was inaugurated on the 61st Foundation Day of the Election Commission of India in the year 2011. It was launched by the then President Pratibha Singh Patil.

On this day citizens are reminded of their duties. The dignity of any democracy basically depends on its electoral process. National Voters’ Day tells common citizens that even their one vote can prove to be decisive in the interest of the country.

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How is National Voters’ Day celebrated?

  • Various programs are organized on this day to make voters aware.
  • People who have performed well in the electoral process are also honored on this day.
  • Programs like speech competition, signature campaign, voter ID distribution etc. are also organized.

Facts related to Election Commission of India

  • The Election Commission of India or the Election Commission conducts the Union and State elections in India.
  • The elections to the Lok Sabha, President, Vice President, State Legislative Assemblies are held under its supervision.
  • Article 324-329 of the Constitution deals with the Election Commission of India.
  • The Election Commission of India was formed on January 25, 1950.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is National Voters’ Day celebrated?

25 January

When was the National Voters’ Day started?


How is National Voters’ Day celebrated?

From spreading awareness to organizing programs to be honored.


Why 25th January was chosen for National Voters’ Day?

The Election Commission was established on this day.

Is the Election Commission a constitutional body?


When was the first National Voters’ Day celebrated?

25 January 2011


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