Impact of the movement: The peasant movement enhanced the reputation of the ticket | Protest effect: Kisan agitation boosts ticket reputation, reaches 1.5 lakh followers on Twitter, reaches reach on Facebook

Digital Desk, Khajipur Border. Rakesh Tikait is the rising face of the ongoing peasant movement on the Khajipur border. Tikat is trying to move the movement from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh to other parts of the country. In recent times, the growing popularity is well used. However, the name Tikite began to come from the earth to the shoelaces media. The people have compassion for them and at the same time Tikait will also be considered as a big leader of the farmers in the future.

Tears fell from his eyes and followers grew on social media
Rakesh Tikait’s social media has gained a lot of followers. In fact, the tears that fell from Tikite’s eyes on the night of January 27 and 28 not only strengthened the peasant movement, but also affected its popularity. Whose direct example to his followers on social media.


The number of followers on Twitter has reached 1.5 lakh, the Facebook page posts 30 million
There were about 4,000 ticket followers on Republic Day, but a few days ago their Twitter account was verified and the number of followers increased to one and a half million. At the same time, the post on the Facebook page has reached three crore people, so Rakesh Tikait is moving out of western UP and becoming a big farmer leader for North India.

The number of followers in the insta account created 10 days ago is 45 thousand
Seeing the public love for the ticket, his colleague had to create an Instagram account, which in a few days had about 45,000 followers. Dharmendra Malik, media in-charge of the Indian Kisan Union, said the movement had about 3-4 thousand followers at the time of its inception, but now millions have joined their social media. He said he created an Instagram account about 10 days ago, which has about 45,000 followers.

Each speech was performed live from a social media account
Although some of Ticket’s social media accounts are maintained, in view of the growing popularity, more posts than ever before are now posted, with each speech being displayed live from their social media accounts. Apart from this, wherever Rakesh Tikait attends, people compete for selfies with him.


Ticket to organize panchayats in MP for UP, Haryana, Maharashtra
MP for Maharashtra, Rakesh Tikait in Haryana will organize panchayats this month. Rakesh Tikait Kisan Panchayats were held in Charkhi Dadri, Jind, Baghpat and Kurukshetra, but their popularity increased a lot and calls started coming to Panchayats across the country in the coming days. In the coming days, people want to call the ticket in the panchayats, so they have not yet agreed to all the places, but in the next few days decided to go to the ticket panchayat.

More than two dozen farmers make panchayat tickets
It is now realized that Rakesh ticket is less visible in Khajipur border, instead farmers are more involved in panchayat. It can also be assumed that more than two dozen farmers are going to panchayats from UP, MP, Rajasthan to Maharashtra in the month of February, Tikite wants to make a farmer movement through these panchayats across India.

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