Farmers Product Update: Fixed nails being removed near barricades at Delhi-UP border | Farmers ‘Protest Day 71: Shadow Movement in International Media – Nails removed from farmers’ path, Opposition parties reach Ghazipur border

Farmers Product Update: Fixed nails being removed near barricades at Delhi-UP border |  Farmers ‘Protest Day 71: Shadow Movement in International Media – Nails removed from farmers’ path, Opposition parties reach Ghazipur border

Digital Desk (Bhopal). The Akali Dal, once an NDA partner, has also come out in support of the farmers. SAD MP Harsimrat Kaur has already resigned as a minister and today she reached the Ghazipur border to meet farmers along with leaders of opposition parties. After seeing the situation there, he said that the Khajipur border has been strengthened and there are 13 levels of barricading, which means that Pakistan is not even on the border inside India. Not giving us a chance to raise this issue in Parliament is a very important point.


Harsimrat Kaur said there was a barricading distance of 3 km. What would be the situation of the farmers in such a situation. We also stop here, we are not even allowed to meet them. However, over the past few days the issue of farmer concern in the international media has been overshadowed and the media has questioned the dictatorship of the Modi government and said that the issue will be resolved through dialogue. On the other hand, seeing the matter going on against the government, this morning the police removed the nails placed near the barricades on the Ghazipur border.

On Thursday morning, a group of opposition leaders reached the Ghazipur border to meet the farmers. But the Delhi police did not allow him to meet the farmers. There is a lot of anger among the leaders over the Delhi Police not allowing the opposition leaders to meet the farmers. Though the leaders repeatedly asked the police to meet the farmers, the Delhi police did not listen. Leaders of opposition parties were forced to flee the border.


How Rakesh Tikait became a concern for farmers


Uttar Pradesh farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has raised his stakes amid the ongoing agrarian reforms by the Modi government. The National Representative of the Indian Kisan Union (BKU) is emerging as the largest leader of farmers in the country. Farmers’ unions, which had taken the path of concern against the new agricultural law brought in by the central government, began to accept them as their bosses. Opposition to the new agricultural laws first started in Punjab and among the agitating farmers on the borders of the national capital Delhi, still the maximum number of farmers are from Punjab and the second is from Haryana. However, the Uttar Pradesh Kisan Morcha has been operating on the Khajipur border for more than two months under the leadership of Rakesh Tikait. However, the decision was taken by farmers’ organizations in Punjab, ranging from 11 rounds of talks with the government to a strategy of concern.

However, after the violence at the tractor rally organized by the agitating farmers on January 26, the agitation began to weaken and the administration was ready to remove the SIT demonstration from the Ghazipur border, Rakesh Tikait’s eyes shed tears again The strength of the movement and the farmer leader who led the movement from the Singh border to reach the Ghazipur border .

The process of reaching out to the leaders of the opposition parties began where the peasant movement was kept away from political parties. Now there are farmers’ panchayats, in which Rakesh Tikait has started coming. In this connection, a large number of people came out in support of Rakesh Tikait at the farmers’ panchayat meeting held in Jind, Haryana on Wednesday. Leaders of farmers’ organizations in Haryana and Punjab are also in the Mahapanchayat, but Rakesh Tikait is the most vocal of those leaders.


Rakesh Ticket dominated the media before the January 26 incident during the Kisan agitation, but when asked about the movement’s strategy, he replied that the decision of the United Kisan Morcha on the Singh border was his decision. Happens. However, in the Jind Mahapanchayat, we have just asked the government to withdraw the bill, what will happen to the government if we talk about the return of the throne.

The challenge, he said, is that now is the time for the government to recover. Observing the peasant movement closely, Rakesh Tikait emerged as the greatest leader of the peasantry in this movement, in the present era. When asked if Rakesh Tikait, a leader of a large farmers’ organization in Punjab who was involved in the peasant movement, has now become the biggest leader of the farmers, he said, “Rakesh Tikait is our babbar lion.” Rakesh Tikait, a farmer’s organization from Uttar Pradesh, is headed by his elder brother Naresh Tikait. His father, the late Mahendra Singh Tikait was also considered a prominent leader of the peasantry.

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