Did you get a link to get Rs 6000 from Amul on your Whatsapp? Be careful

Did you get a link to get Rs 6000 from Amul on your Whatsapp

In today’s time, as the world is becoming increasingly digital and the cases of cybercrime and digital fraud are also increasing. Every day, there are many such messages on someone’s phone or Whatsapp, which first lure you with money, but later it turns out that you have been a victim of such a fraud, which you cannot even detect.

Something similar is now being done in the name of Amul, a big and well-known company in the country. If you have come across a link on WhatsApp to someone you know or in any group, in which it is being said that you will get 6000 rupees, then you should be careful.

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What’s in the link?

In fact, one such link also came to us, on clicking on which you reach a website. Amul’s logo is at the top of the page. It is written below “Amul 75th Aniversary” and ongoing down “Congratulation” is written in big letters, below which a line is written – Through the questionnaire, you will get a chance to get Rs.6000.

Below these 6000 rupees lure line, you will see the question, as soon as you answer it, you will be asked three more questions in a row, after which 9 boxes will be made on your screen, which are designed like the logo of Amul. In this, you will be given three chances to click any one box and if you click the box, you will win Rs.6000…

But all this does not end here, the biggest game of this fraud is that you will get this 6000 rupees when you share this link with your 20 friends or 5 WhatsApp groups.


The interesting thing is that some comments have also been shown below, in which many people wrote that they got 6000 rupees, someone wrote that this campaign method is very good. This entire site is designed in such a way that any educated person can be deceived at first.

Amul clarified

But now the question arises that this whole matter is related to false and fraud, how it came to be known. Amul himself has tweeted the answer to this. Amul wrote in a tweet, “Continued in the public interest by Amul.”

The company also wrote a message with this, “This information is for your information that a fake message is being shared on Whatsapp and other social media with a SPAM link. You are requested to please do not click on this link. “


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