CBSE Exam instructions issued by Board Students must know this before to attend


Following the instructions of CBSE, the students are being made to practice how to fill the OMR sheet along with the syllabus.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has issued some important instructions regarding the CBSE Board Term-1 Exam. It is to be noted that objective type questions will be asked in Term-1 exam. 

For which students have to fill the correct marks for the answer on the OMR sheet to solve them. Apart from this, thematic questions will be asked in Term 2. Both the term are divided on the basis of 50-50% syllabus. 


CBSE believes that since students do not have the practice of filling the answers in the OMRsheet, it is necessary to do this exercise. 

According to the instructions of CBSE, students have to be told how they have to fill the OMR sheet. You have to fill your details first and then answer the questions using only blue or black ball point pen.

Pencil is not to be used. Students are being advised to first darken the circle and give their answer. If they are completely satisfied Answer should be written in a box.


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The meaning of giving a box in the OMR sheet is that if a student wants to change his answer, then he can change it. If a student is satisfied with his answer after darkening the circle, then also he has to write in the answer box. The answer written in the box will be treated as final.

Expert Varsha Chauhan said that following the instructions of CBSE, students are being made to practice how to fill the OMR sheet along with the syllabus. So that students can give their answers correctly. 


Lest the student know the correct answer and do not know the correct way to fill the OMR sheet, he/she may not get marks. This is the reason why CBSE has given instructions that students have to practice filling the OMRsheet.


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