Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Vishaka insults Dada ji

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Vishaka insults Dada ji

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Soni what is she doing in Pritam’s room. Soni lies that she came to keep the jacket and slipped on the bed. Dadi asks her to lock the room. Soni locks the room. Dadi says give me the key, I will give it to Pritam. She warns Soni. Amrita says Pritam left without telling me, forget it, I will call and wish Kabir. Kuljeet says he told us and left. Amrita says he didn’t tell me, he was my guest, he has no manners. Saroj says don’t get angry, go and feed Ansh. She laughs. Amrita says I saved his life, anyways, you feed Ansh, I have to call Kabir, he has his ad shooting today. Kuljeet says he got settled today.


She calls Kabir and says he isn’t picking call like Pritam, forget it, I will feed Ansh and come. Kuljeet says we have to leave for our city house, I called Umed there. Dada ji takes a disguise and comes on the ad shoot location. Vishaka explains the scene to Kabir. Kabir asks Dada ji why did he come. Vishaka asks Dada ji to take his position. Kabir asks why did you come, and how. Dada ji says I convinced the watchman by telling him a joke. Vishaka asks Kabir to beat the man next to him. Kabir says I have to beat you now. Dada ji says its just a drama. Kabir asks Dada ji to please go. Vishaka says stay on your mark. Dada ji says I have also come in your ad now. He punches Dada ji and holds ears.

Amrita talks to Jassi about Pritam. She laughs. Jassi says your Pritam is a nice man. Amrita says he isn’t mine. Jassi says you are missing her a lot. Amrita says no. Jassi says you used to fight with him, he lost to you, he gave up. Amrita says he has seen real Amrita here. Saroj gets Ansh and says he is crying since Pritam left. Amrita says you are saying like Pritam handles him everyday. Vishaka looks for Kabir. Dada ji gets Mansoor’s call and talks to him on call. Vishaka thinks Mansoor won’t come here. Dada ji gets caught. Vishaka scolds him. He says I came to see the shooting. She says security, kick him out. Kabir says enough, he is my Dada ji. She asks why did he come, is this a joke. Kabir says you dragged him into the shoot, he was trying to go, I don’t want to do any ad, she held my Dada ji’s collar. Dada ji says you won’t leave the shoot. He apologizes to Vishaka. He sadly leaves. Kabir says you should have not held his collar, that’s not done. Saroj says Jassi and Umed will come for dinner. Amrita says we will sit and talk to him. Jassi says my mood is off. Kuljeet says he will come, Umed is in trouble, a murder happened in his hotel. Amrita says he remained cool. He says he is strong. He gets Pritam’s jacket left in his house. Amrita says he was rude, we have changed him. Jassi says he was saying such dialogues in drunken state. Amrita asks what were you talking that day. Kuljeet recalls.

Amrita says he was sharing his life’s tragedy. He says I had slept. Amrita recalls Pritam’s words. She says he was talking of some helplessness. He says he has some tragedy in life, he tries hiding some sorrow. Jassi says Umed has come. He says I came here for the first time. Amrita asks is everything fine. Umed says yes. Kuljeet asks who did the murder. Umed says don’t know, we can’t help it, police wants the cctv cameras, our cameras are damaged, police is checking. Amrita says murderer should be caught. Soni gets tea for everyone. Dadu says I don’t want it. Everyone asks him why is he worried. Dadi says he went on Kabir’s shooting, maybe he got jealous of Kabir. He says no way. Soni jokes. Dada ji says he has worked really good, I got insulted today, forget it, give me the tea. Vishaka comes with Kabir. She apologizes to him.


Umed says Pritam is also seen in cctv footage. Hitman says he is the same man. Vishaka says I will leave now. Nitin and Monty bring Pritam home. Amrita hears about her marriage with Yuvraj.

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