Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam speaks out his life’s tragedy

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam speaks out his life’s tragedy

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pritam saying about his life’s sorrow. Amrita comes and asks why is he talking alone. He says I m talking to your dad. She says he already slept. She jokes on him. She calls Saroj and Jassi. She asks them to take Kuljeet. She asks Pritam to come to his room. Pritam refuses. He says everyone’s life has tragedy. He talks to Amrita and Jassi. He stumbles. They hold him and bring him to his room. He says Amrita ji, you know, you are really nice, I didn’t see anyone like you, you are unique, and amazing. Jassi smiles. He says I m sorry, I did wrong with you, did you forgive me. She asks him to sleep. He says I m not scared of sleep, but dreams, when my eyes close, my wounds get freshen up, I miss him, my… Amrita asks who.


He says you are really nice, Amrita ji…. your dad is really nice, your mummy is also nice, everyone is having sorrow in life, life shatters everything. Jassi laughs and says he will keep saying about life, we will go. Amrita says sleep now, we have to wake up early in the morning. She asks him to stop it now. She asks do you know what’s pain, what’s sorrow, it hurts a heart all day and night, no just in drunken state. Jassi says he slept, come now, forget it. She covers him with the blanket. Pritam holds her hand in sleep. He says you should get all the happiness, you are really nice. She leaves.

Kabir talks to Meera about Naveen. He says we have to make him leave his bad habit, take care, I miss you a lot. Soni and Dada ji come. Kabir lies that he was talking to Muskaan. They tease him. Soni asks about the shoot. Kabir says it got cancelled. He tells about Vishaka. Dada ji says she looks aggressive. Kabir says yes, the shoot will get cancelled tomorrow also if stylist doesn’t get the clothes. Dada ji asks him to take his jacket. Kabir says I don’t have it, I will take Pritam’s jackets. Dada ji says yes, he looks so good. Soni recalls Pritam and says he looks macho. Kabir says yes. Dada ji says go and take one. Soni says Pritam is in Ludhiana, how will you get it. Dada ji says this chance is also gone. Pritam wakes up. He holds his heart. He recalls the night and says what did I do, I told everything, what happened, I don’t remember, did I say about Vishaka and Rahul. He goes downstairs. He says I told all my secrets, did I? Did her dad hear everything.

He calls Nitin and says I fell asleep, Kuljeetmade me drink, tell me about the work, these are strange people. Nitin laughs. Pritam says tell me. Nitin says there is much data, we will confirm the details from Sandy, I will send the details in the morning. Pritam says fine. He ends call. He gets Kabir’s missed calls. He stumbles and sits on the stairs. He calls Kabir. He asks do you also want to know about Yuvraj. Kabir asks who is he, where did you keep your jackets, its my first ad shoot, creative wants a rugged look, I thought to borrow your jacket. Pritam says you called me at night for a jacket, what shall I give my jacket. Kabir says you can also ask me anything, I will give it, we are friends now. Pritam says I m in Ludhiana. Kabir says I will break the lock and get the jacket, get a new lock. Pritam says don’t touch the lock. Amrita hears this and asks what will happen if he wants the jacket for the shoot, you can help him, he had called me also. Pritam says no need to break the lock, the key is inside the flower pot, open the cupboard and take jacket, don’t touch anything else. She asks what gold did you keep there. Kabir says thanks, I won’t touch anything else, I will gift you a new underwear. Pritam says all of you joke on me, Kabir is saying he will gift me an underwear. Amrita laughs. Pritam says Kabir is cheap, I tolerate him because of you. She says we are also tolerating you, you had held my hand, Jassi was going to make your video. He says your dad fed me the wine. She says like you are a kid, you told all the secrets of your life. He gets shocked.

Pritam says everyone should get someone like you. He stumbles. Amrita holds him. They fall down and get close. Kabir wears Pritam’s jacket. Vishaka asks whose jacket is this. Jassi gets engaged. Pritam looks at the groom.


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