Whether it was Dhinchak Puja or Ranu Mandal, their luck did not even shine as an internet sensation

From Ranu Mondal to Dhinchak Puja they all created an internet sensation, but their luck did not shine.

New Delhi: The Internet has made a lot of people, whose stars have become an internet sensation overnight and have reached the general public, Ranu Mondal From Dhinchak Puja Until then, all of these had created an internet sensation, but despite this, their fortunes did not shine.

Dhinchak Puja


When listening to Dhinchak Puja songs, no one’s face smiles. Her strange voice caused him an internet sensation and reached out to Bigg Boss.

Their faith is only behind being a social star. But apart from the 3,4 songs, she couldn’t do anything special.

Ranu Zone


Ranu Mandal became an overnight star by singing the song Latu Mangeshkar, after which everyone started liking his voice and he also got a place in the music industry.

Music composer and singer Himesh Reshammiya was given the opportunity to sing in the film. Not everyone gets this opportunity, but the way the queen’s luck lit up the night, she got out of the hearts of the people as quickly as possible.

From Ranu’s life, Inspire filmmaker Hrishikesh Mandal also talked about making a biopic on his life.


Witness Malik

Not the wrestler Sakshi Malik, the song “Bum Diggy Diggy Bum Bum” from the movie “Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety” girl Sakshi Malik.

In this song, after the guest role, his popularity spread on social media, and in a few days, his followers crossed 1 million. But now I don’t know where they are.


Sourav Kishan

The video was shared by a Twitter user named Judish Raj. He wrote, ‘This boy’s name is Sourav Kishan, a resident of Kozhikode. Local people know where he is Rafi.

People were shocked to hear his song. People really say they look like Mohammed Rafi. People loved Sourav’s voice and started calling him Chhota Rafi which went viral. After this, his name appeared nowhere.



Rider Sonu of food delivery company Zomato has also become an internet sensation. Most of his videos have gone viral on the internet.

Sonu was filled with customers with a smile and a speaking style. Zomato India has changed it’s Twitter handle to a display picture.


Zomato posted a picture of Sonu smiling on the DP’s Twitter handle and tweeted, ‘Now this is a Happy Rider fan account’. But Sonu has not appeared anywhere since.

Adil Khan

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