Vidrohi 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu and Kalyani free the temple

Vidrohi 4th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu finding the document of the treaty. He says we will burn it. Radha stops him and says you both should burn it together. Jagabandhu and Kalyani burn it. Radha says I want to ask a last promise, your hearts will always stay together, protect each other. They promise. He says I request you to forgive me, I m sorry, so much happened, everyone has undergone their share of sorrow, but you have tolerated a lot, I wasn’t with you when you needed me. Radha cries.


Baahu says company will get a big shock, they will not stop, we have to prepare our people for the big battle to take Rodang back. Jagabandhu says no, this won’t be a big defeat for them, they have Puri in control, they have all the power, our aim will be Puri’s freedom. He promises to get Puri temple freed, until then he will not go back to Rodang. Radha and Kalyani support him. after three months, Radha teaches first aid to the women. Maharaj says take care of yourself also. She says I feel happy when I take care of them. She gets Jagabandhu’s letter. She reads the letter. Everyone smiles.

Jagabandhu reads company’s letter for the villagers. He says they will shoot the villagers if they help us in the rebellion. Kalyani says for the company, rebellion is a crime, for us, its to get our freedom, come, Baahu has come. He says Kalyani will tell the plan. Kalyani tells them the plan. She says its time to get the temple freed from the company. Jagabandhu says Baahu you know what to do. Paikas chant. A paika looks on. Warren praises Gadadhar for his loyalty. Amba comes. A Paika comes and says I m a farmer, I was getting training from Jagabandhu, I came to tell you his plan, I m scared for my family’s life. Warren says don’t worry, nothing will happen to you and your family, they will find me there, not the temple keys. Maa and Radha pray. Maa says whenever Jagabandhu and Kalyani go out to face a challenge, you light this Akhand diya with faith. Radha says yes, I feel everything will be fine. Kalyani looks for the keys. Warren comes and asks are you finding these, did you get shocked. He asks the guards to catch Jagabandhu. Guard says we caught him. Warren says if I shoot you two, then it will good, you both will become immortal like your love. He laughs. Radha gets worried. The diya is put off. She says something wrong will happen. Maa says no, come with me. Radha feels labour pain. Warren says I want to see how Jagabandhu looks when he dies. He gets shocked seeing Baahu. He says but that man told us… Kalyani says Jagabandhu isn’t here, what will happen at the palace, there are just few guards. Jagabandhu fights the guards. He frees Maharaj. Paikas come and catch Warren and his guards. Kalyani gets the keys from Warren. Warren catches Baahu and says I will shoot him. Kalyani says nothing should happen to him. Baahu says he won’t kill me, just I can tell him about Baxi, just go. She says fine, but I will come back to take you. Kalyani and Paikas leave.

Radha delivers her a baby boy. She asks will Baxi come to see his son, and Kalyani has to teach him everything. Maharaj says yes, they will come soon. They receive a good news. The guard says Jagabandhu and Kalyani freed the temple, they succeeded in getting the throne back for Maharaj. Radha and everyone smile. Radha says I can’t believe it, the baby will be raised in freed country. Warren gets the news from the head office. The guard says they don’t want a loss and called the army back. Warren shouts no.


Mukund declares their first victory against East india company. Jagabandhu and Kalyani smile. Radha and family come there. Radha says someone wants to meet you. He gets surprised seeing his son. Everyone smiles.

Warren sees the guards fainting. Jagabandhu catches him. Gadadhar catches everyone and ties the explosives. Maa points the gun at him.

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