Vidrohi 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu apologizes to Kalyani

Vidrohi 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu apologizes to Kalyani

Vidrohi 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu asking how is Kalyani. Radha says Kalyani is in mental stress, Vaid just checked her and said the stress is the reason for her sickness, you were too harsh on her, she is also going through a lot, her life has changed after she took a shelter here, go and talk to her, she trusts you, so she has come here, go and collaborate with her. He comes to meet Kalyani. He sees her sleeping. He says don’t know how I got so much angry, Radha also told that I spoke to you rudely, I had felt it, I forgot that you are also a part of this family and Rodang, we never have any rights on each other, like our marriage didn’t happen, so the family isn’t accepting you as a member, but just as a guest, I m responsible for this, I will connect you with the family and get you the respect, it will be possible when I tell Radha the truth of our marriage, you don’t have to hide and live, I will bring back the suhaag symbols also. He apologizes. He holds her hand and says get well soon, I will make everything fine. He leaves.


Kalyani opens her eyes and looks on. She recalls his words. She sees the kamarbandh and wears it. She hides it. Gadadhar says Amba, you did a good drama, forgive me for all this. Amba says your win is my goal. He says Kalyani will never doubt you now. She says everyone will be alert, we have to stay silent for some days, else our game may end, once Kalyani leaves, we will go our work. He hugs her and says Radha has few days, serve her well. They laugh.

Maa says Kalyani should know that we all worry for Radha, she shouldn’t create any clash in our family so I took a decision, find out if Maharaj got fine, we will send Kalyani to him. Jagabandhu thinks this is her family now. Radha’s mum comes and talks to Maa. She says Maharaj would be worried for Kalyani’s marriage. Maa says yes, maybe Kalyani doesn’t want to marry. Radha’s mum says I can suggest a good alliance for Kalyani. Maa says just Maharaj can decide this, we can suggest him. Jagabandhu asks whose marriage talk is happening. Radha’s mum says Kalyani. He worries. Maa says we will send Kalyani to her dad, you are busy, I called Baaho to make him talk to Maharaj. Baaho comes. He gets a gift. He says I m glad to know a big happiness is coming home, congrats. Maa says same to you, you will become Kaka, I want your help. He says command me. She says Maharaj was injured in the attack, you go to Badamba and find out where is Maharaj. He says sure. He leaves. Jagabandhu thinks Baaho will know about Kalyani and my marriage.

Radha feeds the food to Kalyani. Kalyani thanks her. Radha says you worry for my safety, I can see your concern, I trust you. Kalyani says you call me just Kalyani, I m younger to you. Radha agrees. She sees Kalyani’s kamarbandh and thinks why didn’t she tell me. She asks Kalyani about the kamarbandh. Kalyani hides it and says married women wear it.


Kalyani introduces Kalindi. He says I m glad to meet Jamai ji’s family. He says Maharaj has sent these gifts for you both. Everyone is shocked knowing about their marriage.

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