Vidrohi 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha opposes the marriage

Vidrohi 20th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu saying Kalyani and I have got married, Kalyani didn’t hide this, I had hid this from everyone, this is the truth, the whole truth. Radha and everyone are shocked. Radha cries a lot. Maharaj says when I got injured, I had asked Jagabandhu to marry Kalyani. He tells everything to them. Jagabandhu says I wanted to tell Radha the truth, but when I came home, I got her pregnancy news. Radha cries and runs away. He follows. She locks the room. He asks her to open the door. He says I had to do the collaboration to achieve a big goal, trust me, I just love you and will always do. She cries. He goes.


Radha’s mum says Lord wanted me to reach the truth, I can’t believe it, nothing will be the same, you cheated my daughter. She scolds him. She says I request you, leave Radha alone for sometime, tell your second wife that I was right. She goes. Maa goes to him and says you insulted every relation today, I thought I know you, today you look like a stranger. He says I wanted to tell that to Radha once, but I didn’t wish her to get hurt. She says she is still hurt, if anything happens to her, then I will not forgive you. Maharaj asks Kalyani to come with him. She says I won’t run away from here. He says you won’t stay happy here. She says you already knew that Baxi is married and loves Radha a lot, that I won’t be happy here, why this worry here. He says I didn’t think situation will change here. She says I will stay here. He asks will they take care of you. She says let me do my duty, you have made me a warrior, let me fight this alone, I would have come with you, but now, my responsibility has increased, I have to make things fine. He hugs her. He asks Maa will she accept Kalyani as her bahu. Maa says my son is free to decide anything, but I will make sure that Kalyani gets her rights, we never snatched anyone’s rights. He nods.

He goes to Radha’s room. He says I m leaving, with the trust that you will do justice with Kalyani. He leaves. He hugs Kalyani. He greets everyone and leaves with Mohan. Kalyani cries. Radha’s mum knocks the door and says you can’t lose like this, open the door, share your sorrow with me. She stops Kalyani and scolds her.

Kalyani says I have to talk to Radha. Radha’s mum says you are her Sautan now, you ruined her happy life, if anything happens to her or her baby, then I will not forgive you, go from here. Kalyani says I want to explain her that its not Baxi’s mistake. Radha’s mum says you don’t get between this, you think she will open the door for you and talk to you. Radha opens the door. Her mum hugs her and asks are you fine. Radha says until the first wife doesn’t accept the second marriage, it doesn’t matter, I don’t accept this marriage, this relation will be considered void. He says don’t punish this, I had hid this truth to protect you. Radha says you told the truth for Kalyani’s sake, not mine, when Kalyani’s respect was questioned, then you told the truth, I didn’t know that Kalyani broke my faith, my husband broke my trust because of Kalyani, and Maharaj wants me to do justice with Kalyani, this is my justice, this is my house, Kalyani won’t stay here. Kalyani cries.


Jagabandhu asks Radha to try to understand. Radha shouts. Kalyani apologizes. Radha says you can’t apologize for cheat. She shuts the door. Maa says don’t forget that Radha is your first responsibility.

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