Vidrohi 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Gadadhar gets arrested

Vidrohi 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha saying Gadadhar did wrong, but he said, he did it for me, we should give him a chance. Maa says its not easy to punish own child. Radha asks her to wait till Baxi comes back. Maa says I m doing his work, I m taking this decision right now. Radha says you are affected by Kalyani. Maa says whatever it is, justice should happen. She goes. Gadadhar comes to Tilottama. She cries. He says I m sorry, I won’t do this again, Amba was my past, you are my present, my love, calm down, I told Amba that I just love my wife, she trapped me, I can’t see you crying. She asks really. He says I swear on you, we will go away from here, I just want you, I want our child. She says fine, I will pack the bags, we will have our new world. He thinks she is a fool, should I get sad or celebrate for this. He says but Maa will put me in prison, then what will happen of our dreams, you should go and convince Kalyani, maybe Maa forgives me, then we will stay happy. She goes to Kalyani. Kalyani says he did wrong, he can’t be forgiven.


Tilottama begs her and says forgive him for my sake. Kalyani says one can’t be forgiven when crime is big, who am I to decide, he is culprit of Rodang. Tilottama says ask Maa to forgive him, we will not stay here if you want. Kalyani says she just believes in justice, pray that Gadadhar gets some sense. Gadadhar looks on. He thinks Kalyani made my Maa against me. He puts some chemicals to make the guards sleep. His alter self asks him to stop fleeing like a coward. He gets provoked for revenge. He goes to Kalyani’s room. He ties up Kalyani. She says leave me, I m sure that you would be celebrating. He pours kerosene around. He says you can’t defeat me, I will decide the rules and moves of the game. She says you will also die if you get caught in the sparks. He says it will be fun, we will die together and have enmity going on. The guards wake up. They check Gadadhar’s room. They shout and go to Maa. They say Gadadhar isn’t in his room.

She asks them to find Gadadhar. She goes to Kalyani’s room and sees Gadadhar. She asks him to leave Kalyani. He asks her not to come ahead, else she will also die in the fire. Everyone comes. Maa asks him to leave Kalyani. Gadadhar asks guard to step back. Kalyani sees some sharp thing and bends to cut the ropes. He says I will burn this house today. Maa asks Gadadhar to stop. Kalyani frees herself. She stops Gadadhar and throws kumkum on his face. He screams. She takes the firetorch from his hand. Guards catch him. Kalyani says you were ready to die just to kill me, fine, take this firetorch and burn everything, don’t you have courage, fine, I will make your work easy. Gadadhar says stop, I made a mistake, I just wanted to scare you, nothing else. Kalyani scolds him. She throws him in Maa’s feet. He apologizes to Maa. He gets arrested. She says he is Kalyani’s culprit first, take him to the prison. She goes.

Radha’s mum asks Radha to do something for Gadadhar. Radha refuses. Maa and Kalyani console each other.

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