Vidrohi 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu rages on Radha

Vidrohi 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maa and Radha’s mum asking Kalyani not to do wrong with Radha. Kalyani says I don’t want to become a reason of sorrow for Radha, I will talk to Baxi when he comes back. Radha’s mum says you don’t need to talk to him, you already trapped him. Kalyani says your perception is wrong. Radha’s mum scolds her. She says let your dad come, he will see what you are doing here. Kalyani says I m living here for some reason. Radha’s mum says you want to take Radha’s place in Baxi’s life, is your dad involved, he doesn’t have his kingdom now. She insults Kalyani.


Kalyani says enough, where there is no self esteem of mine and respect of my dad, I can’t stay here. Maa stops her. Radha’s mum says she has to leave now. Kalyani says I m going. Radha’s mum says you are acting great, I will drag you out. She tries to pull Kalyani’s hand. Kalyani makes her away. Maa says you can go tomorrow morning. Kalyani says I will be thankful for your help, but I will go right now, I accept to get lost in the night’s darkness, but I can’t lose my self esteem by staying here. She leaves.

Jagabandhu comes home. He gives the prasad to Radha and says this is for Kalyani, I will go and give this to her. Maa and Radha’s mum come. He asks where is Kalyani. Radha says she has left from here. He gets shocked. He asks how, when and where, how did she go suddenly, did anyone tell her anything, tell me. He asks did you do anything, Radha just you and your mum wanted her to leave. He asks Maa did she know that Kalyani was going, you would have stopped her until I came. Maa says she didn’t listen. He asks why did she go, tell me. Radha cries.

He shouts and asks why did she go, tell me. He says I will talk to Radha’s mum later, I had promised to protect her respect, I didn’t think you will forget my Dharm for your illusion sake. Maa says if Radha was hurt because of Kalyani, then its fine that Kalyani goes. He says Radha should be hurt because of me, then I should also leave the house, fine, I will also leave this house. He scolds Radha’s mum. He asks when did she go, who went to drop her, how did she go. Maa says I told her that I will get the chariot ready but she went alone. He calls the servants. He asks them to call Paikas fast. He says I m shocked that you all have no emotions and worry for Kalyani’s safety, such heartless behavior, this never happened in this family before, I feel ashamed. He goes to his room. He gets Kalyani’s letter. Servant says Paikas have come. Jagabandhu asks Paikas to find Kalyani and get her back with respect, I m also leaving. Maa says its better you leave her to her dad’s place. He says we shall decide that, but first she will come home. He asks Radha’s mum to leave and go to her home. He leaves.


Kalyani gets help from some people. She cries. Jagabandhu comes there to find her. Kalyani hides seeing him. She asks the lady to lie to Jagabandhu. The lady asks how shall I lie. Kalyani says its like hiding truth for someone’s good. Jagabandhu asks for his wife, Kalyani. He says pray that I find her, if she comes here, then tell her that I had come here. He gets hurt and screams. The people run to hold him. Kalyani gets worried and runs to him. She asks what happened to her. The man says he is bitter by a red scorpion, its poisonous.

Kalyani applies the ointment. The man says poison will spread a lot if he moves his body. Kalyani worries for him.

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