Vidrohi 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani feels for Baxi

Vidrohi 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani feels for Baxi

Vidrohi 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha saying I hope you like the new clothes, come. Kalyani goes to see the new clothes. She smiles checking the clothes. She recalls Radha’s words. She says I like every colour given by him. She hugs the clothes. She changes the clothes. She gets ready. She says he may go without seeing me. She rushes to stop Jagabandhu. He looks at her. She says I liked the clothes a lot, I like this colour, how did you know that I like this colour, do I look good. He asks what did you say. She says nothing, listen. He asks what. She says nothing. He stops her to talk. A man gets Maharaj’s message for him. Jagabandhu says I will meet you later. He leaves. Kalyani goes to her room. She sees her marriage certificate. She says Radha was saying right. She recalls Radha’s words and thinks to not keep any proof. She burns the paper. Jagabandhu comes and gets shocked. He asks what are you doing. She says I didn’t know you before, I didn’t trust you. He says you don’t break the trust on me, I didn’t break any promise, I made a mistake, I m sorry, I don’t want any such misunderstanding to happen again.


He says I promise, I will stay too far from you, I m sorry, I felt that Radha can know the truth of our marriage, you burnt it and ended this threat forever, thanks a lot. He goes. She says you didn’t understand why I have burnt this paper. Radha prays with everyone. She thinks why did Kalyani not make Baxi away, she is married, why did she let a stranger come close to her. She goes to see Kalyani. Kalyani removes the ashes of the paper. Radha says I m making Malpua tomorrow, Baxi likes it, do you want to learn it. Kalyani says yes, I m ready. Radha says come to the kitchen tomorrow. She goes. Kalyani smiles thinking of Jagabandhu. She thinks of making the sweets for him. He eats it and praises her cooking. He feeds the sweet to her also. She smiles. She dreams of this. Radha comes back and says I will clean this. She sees a piece of paper in the ashes. She asks what’s this, why did you burn this, is it a marriage certificate. Kalyani says yes, we both accepted to marry, but I learnt from you that marriage is based on faith, why do I need this paper then, so I have burnt it. Radha gets thinking. She goes.

Radha’s mum says your dad would be alone, I shall go. Radha apologizes to her. Her mum says I have no right to interfere in your family, Kalyani is also here to take care of you, I will come back in some days. Radha says you won’t go anywhere. She smiles.

Its morning, Radha teaches the cooking to Kalyani. Amba assists Radha. Kalyani says I will get it. Radha instructs her. Kalyani smiles and makes the sweets. Radha looks at her. She teaches Kalyani. She asks Kalyani to wait, Amba will get the dry fruits. Kalyani says I want to learn things by all my heart, so I m asking many questions. Radha says learn it well, you will make it for your husband, you would be wanting to stay with him, I can talk to your dad. Kalyani asks why. Radha says to make your husband understand, now you trust him right. Kalyani says no, I won’t go until he comes to take me, teach me whatever Baxi likes, whatever you make. Radha thinks I can’t stay silent if my thinking turns true.


Radha thinks mum was saying right, Kalyani is feeling for Baxi, when she is married to someone else, did she burn the marriage certificate for this. She goes and sees Kalyani with Jagabandhu.

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