Udaariyaan 19th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin kidnaps Riya

Udaariyaan 19th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin kidnaps Riya

Udaariyaan 19th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Fateh thinking of Angad and Tejo. He sees Buzo and stops the car. He goes and hugs him. Buzo asks how are you. Fateh asks how did you know you are in Rampur. Buzo says I m your childhood friend, I just came here, nobody knows, don’t worry, I heard it on call when you spoke to me, why are you in driver’s getup. Tejo talks to Angad. She says Riya’s classes are over, I m going to supermarket. She ends call. Riya scares her. Tejo asks what are you doing here. Riya says I m also coming with you, please take me. Tejo says Angad doesn’t allow you. Riya insists. Jasmin is on the way. Buzo says you are doing a driver’s work. Fateh says I have ruined everyone’s name, I broke Tejo’s heart, I should die. Buzo says stop nonsense, you did many mistakes, how long will you punish everyone, everyone is crying for you. Fateh asks how is everyone. Buzo says they aren’t fine, they want you back, they are crying for you, they will forgive you when you say that you left Jasmin. Tejo says fine, we will go. Riya says but Angad. Tejo says we will tell him, once you do the homework, I will show you the movie on tv. Riya says done. Fateh says I don’t want to go anywhere and stay here. Buzo says you got mad, I wish Jasmin suffers. Fateh says I was also wrong, we both will bear the punishment of the sins. Jasmin sees Tejo and Riya going to the supermarket. Jasmin says I will punish you for your deeds, I will make you fall in Angad’s eyes, I will snatch your happiness, you will long to smile. She covers her face and goes.


Tejo asks Riya what does she want. Jasmin keeps an eye. Fateh says I got late in realizing Jasmin’s truth, she hates Tejo, if I go back, then dad will try to unite me and Tejo, I don’t want that, she is happy with Angad, once she marries Angad, I will come back. Buzo hugs him. He says I will just come. He gets the tiffin. Fateh sees the laddoos. He eats and recalls Gurpreet and everyone. He hugs Buzo. He says thanks, I felt like I met everyone. Buzo says I will wait for your return. Fateh says promise me, you won’t tell anyone, not even Simran. Buzo says fine. He goes. Fateh prays for Tejo. Riya says I want chocolates now. Tejo says fine, stay here. Jasmin sees Riya. She shows the doll. Riya says that’s my maggi. Jasmin says your poppins has given it to me, he also gave chocolates. Riya says it means, he knows I m here, I will tell Tejo. Jasmin says you will spoil the surprise, he is waiting for you in the parking. Riya asks really. Jasmin says when Tejo and you don’t out, he will surprise you, come. Riya says Tejo asked me not to go anywhere. Jasmin says surprise will spoil, I m Angad’s friend, come. Tejo asks Riya did you take chocolates. Riya says 2 mins. Jasmin says come fast, else Angad will go. Jasmin takes her.

Tejo looks for Riya and calls her out. She worries. Riya asks where is poppins. Jasmin says wait, I will call. Tejo asks the manager to show the cctv footage, a little girl is missing. He says cctv is not working, did you check outside. Tejo goes out and asks the driver. Jasmin fakes a call and says we will go to Angad’s office. Tejo shouts Riya. Jasmin sees her and thinks the party just started. She leaves. The man asks Tejo to call home and ask. Tejo asks how can she go. She calls Babli and asks for Riya. Babli says Riya didn’t come. Tejo calls Angad. He is busy. Tejo calls at his office number. The lady asks Angad to speak to Tejo. Tejo tells him everything. He gets shocked. She says I m really scared. He runs. She looks for Riya. He leaves in the car. He says nothing will happen to Riya.

Angad recalls Nani’s words. Tejo asks the man to call her if he finds Riya. He asks do you have any enmity with someone, who might have kidnapped Riya. Angad says I can’t even ask Nani, Tejo ji… stupid. Tejo thinks what did I do, why did I bring Riya outside. Angad comes to her. She cries and says Riya was in front of me. He holds her and says you go home. She asks how. He says go home. Angad looks for Riya everywhere.


Angad scolds Tejo and leaves from the house. Jasmin looks on and thinks Tejo, you won’t get place even on the footpath.

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