Udaariyaan 16th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Khushbeer refuses for the alliance

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The Episode starts with Simran saying dad looks angry. Fateh says don’t worry, he will like Buzo. The lady gets Buzo and his parents. Nimmo says Buzo, you…. The lady says he is the guy, do you know him. Gurpreet says you have come after many years. The lady says I think Lord made this alliance. Buzo’s mum says I know Simran since childhood. Buzo’s dad says its good we met today. Buzo sees Fateh. Tejo prays and says Khushbeer shouldn’t get angry. Khushbeer says you know that I don’t like you for Simran, why did you get this lady, you got your parents to get insulted. Gurpreet says don’t insult the guests. Khushbeer asks does he have any job, what does he do. He scolds Buzo.


Buzo’s dad asks how dare you say that to my son. Khushbeer says I respect you but I don’t think your son is suitable for my daughter. Buzo’s dad asks what about your daughter, be thankful that I got my son’s alliance here. Fateh says we will sit and talk. Buzo’s dad argues and says I reject your daughter’s alliance, you keep finding a prince for your princess, she ran away to Canada and then came back with her son, you are finding flaws in my son, you lost your chair but not the pride. Buzo asks his dad to get quiet. Buzo’s dad scolds Khushbeer a lot. Fateh says limits are getting crossed now. Buzo’s dad says tell your dad, he called us home to insult. He asks Gurpreet to say, what are they taking, an abandoned woman and someone’s blood, what will I tell others. Buzo asks him to stop it, why is he insulting Simran. He says I will not hear a word against Simran. His dad says Khushbeer didn’t control his tongue, he is insulting us. Khushbeer says you have no respect, get lost, this alliance won’t happen. Buzo’s dad says I break this alliance. Fateh worries. Amrik says I m scared, Jasmin. She asks him to have food. He says I m not able to have food, I m scared. She says I m with you, I won’t let anything go wrong.

Khushbeer shouts Simran. Fateh stops him. Khushbeer scolds Simran. She cries. He says Simran and Fateh defamed me, Gurpreet if you want to see me alive, then handle Mahi and Amrik. Amrik says you should have not got me bailed, I did a mistake. Jasmin says no, it was just an accident. He says I should have got punished, why did you help me, you hate my family, right. She says yes, I hate them, but your family, not you, I always liked you, you helped me. He says I feel scared. She says calm down, you didn’t do wrong, I understand your situation, life imprisonment or death sentence is given in such accident cases. He asks will I get jailed or hanged, I don’t want to die, what will my mum and dad think. He says calm down. She gives him medicines. She makes him sleep. She says I have to train you to surprise Tejo and Fateh. She smiles.

Angad stops the car and greets Tejo. He asks what happened, I will drop you home. She says I have scooty. He asks what’s the matter. He says Simran…. She gets a call. She says sorry, I have to go. He holds her hand and asks where are you going. She says I can’t tell you anything right now. She leaves. He says I know it was Fateh’s call, you are going to him, its enough now, I have to do something now. Tejo says I m worried for Simran, she spoke to me, she said she will not hurt Khushbeer again, take care of her. Fateh asks did you think of anything. She says let their anger calm, then we will think. At Gurudwara, Candy comes to Khushbeer and says I also came to do Seva here, Tejo got me here. Tejo greets Khushbeer and says he wanted to pray something. Khushbeer asks what did you pray. Candy says I prayed that Buzo uncle becomes my dad. Khushbeer gets shocked. Candy also washes the utensils. Khushbeer comes home. Simran asks Buzo to leave, anyone can see him. Buzo says I can’t live without you. She says please go, I can’t hurt dad, please go, don’t try to talk to me again. Khushbeer looks on. Its night, Tejo asks why did you go home. Buzo says I m not scared of uncle. Fateh says have patience, we are here. Buzo says Simran doesn’t want to meet me now. Tejo says Fateh, talk to his dad, I will talk to Khushbeer. Its morning, Angad says countdown has begun, I will start my plan if I don’t get your surprise result, its enough now, I can’t see Tejo going into Fateh’s arms.


Tejo meets Khushbeer outside Gurudwara. He says you here, again, you got Candy yesterday, why did you come today. She says I didn’t get him to pressurize you, he wants Buzo to become his dad, I wanted to apologize, marriage bureau idea was mine, sorry, I had to make you realize that Buzo is the right guy for Simran. He says his dad spoke wrong about Simran. She says yes, its her mistake, her family means a lot to her, maybe she gets helpless to leave the house for Candy’s sake by holding Buzo’s hand. He says she can go, why is she staying in my house. Jasmin wakes up Amrik. She asks are you fine now. He says better. She asks him to have breakfast. He says you are not so bad as everyone thinks. She says we will talk later, have food first. He goes to freshen up. She says a goat is well fed before the sacrifice. She switches off the phone. She says stay away from your family, my surprise’s countdown has begun. She smiles.

Fateh asks Tejo will you forgive me some day. He smiles seeing her. Jasmin says I got you bailed for my motive, I can get you arrested again, tell me, what do you accept, punishment or my condition.

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