Udaariyaan 11th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh surprises Tejo

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The Episode starts with Gurpreet saying I m happy to see this, Amrik cares for Jasmin. Gurpreet says I think its not his fear but something else. Tejo hears them and goes to see Amrik and Jasmin happy. She recalls Dara’s words. Jasmin asks Tejo to come. She asks where did you go leaving me, don’t leave me and go. Tejo says nowhere, where can I go leaving you, how are you. Jasmin says I feel better now. Tejo asks Amrik to get a cup of coffee for her. He goes. Satti comes and says we can take Jasmin home, where did you go. Tejo says you can go home, I will stay with Jasmin. Gurpreet says Amrik will not let you stay here, he is caring for Jasmin well. Tejo says yes, I had got breakfast for Jasmin, take that bag. Gurpreet says sure. They go. Tejo says I want to ask you… Fateh comes and asks where did you go. Tejo thinks what to do. She says I had gone to the orphanage to donate clothes to the kids for Jasmin’s sake. Jasmin says you are really good, thanks. She hugs Tejo.


Amrik gets coffee for Tejo. He gets pomegranate juice for Jasmin. She asks how do you know. He says we were good friends before, now you are my wife, have it. Fateh and Tejo go out. He asks are you fine.

Satti gives samosas to everyone. She says Jasmin is changing now, she was just asking about Tejo, Amrik has forgotten everything, he is taking care of her, I pray that she changes and starts a new life, Gurpreet was there, I was so ashamed, they have forgotten everything. Bebe says this accident might be a miracle to change her. Rupy says we can’t forget her sins, they have sympathy for her, Tejo is different. Satti says Amrik is doing this by his heart. Rupy says I m glad she got saved, but I won’t forgive her. Bebe says its good if Jasmin spares everyone. Rupy thinks Tejo can come home now. Fateh and Tejo come home. He finds her tensed and holds her. He says you have to go home tomorrow, we couldn’t do anything for Amrik. Mahi hears this and goes to tell mum. Dilraj says its Tejo’s birthday tomorrow, she is coming home tomorrow. Everyone smiles. Dilraj organizes the party. Fateh asks are you confused that Jasmin is changing, you should find her truth or not. He says don’t worry, I will find the truth, Amrik is getting inclined towards her.

Tejo thinks how shall I say that I found the truth, but I want her to tell them herself. Everyone praises Tejo. Fateh thinks I promise I will find the truth and convince Tejo, I will get you home with right. Rupy thinks I will get Tejo married to someone who values her.


Tejo recalls everyone’s words. She says I have to talk to Jasmin first, this truth can change everything. She prays. Someone knocks the door. She goes to check. She sees the board, welcome to the fairy tale of your life. She reads Fateh’s note on the doors and smiles. Fateh smiles seeing her. They both get decked up. They dance. Bin tere kya….plays…. She cuts the cake. They eat it. He wishes her happy birthday. She says thanks, it’s the best surprise. He thanks Lord. She says my birthday is tomorrow. He says its already 12. She says we could have done this tomorrow. He says no, you will be going tomorrow, you have promised Rupy, he won’t let me come there, what shall I do to end his hatred. She says we are together in this moment. He says I promise, we will be together, my surprise is still left. The flower petal shower. They recall their moments. They dance on Hame tumse…

Fateh and Tejo dance in the fields. Mai to tere piche….plays…

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