The SC notice to the web series ‘Mirzapur’ had to show a huge amount of illicit relationship

The SC notice to the web series ‘Mirzapur’ had to show a huge amount of illicit relationship


The difficulties of the makers of the web-series Mirzapur and Amazon Prime videos have increased. The Supreme Court issued the notice. Allegedly showing pornography.

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  • Last updated:February 6, 2021, 3:13 PM IST

New Delhi. Web-Series’Mirzapur The difficulties of Amazon Prime video makers have increased. Supreme Court The film has issued a notice to show pornography in the story. Such content is said to be prohibited. The petition was filed by counsel, on whom the court issued a notice to the makers. Bina Tripathi’s role in the Mirzapur web series was strongly condemned. The petition specifically objected to Bina having sex with a servant and her brother-in-law.

In fact, Bina’s physical relationship with her own brother-in-law is shown in this series. Apart from this, Bina was also shown having sex with a servant. The petitioner from Mirzapur said that showing such vile and shameful things in the name of the district was an insult to the nearly 30 lakh population of Mirzapur. The court asked that strict guidelines be made to prohibit the display of historical and cultural values ​​in any place.

The bench headed by Chief Justice SI Bobde sent the notice to the makers of Mirzapur, a streaming platform. The petition was filed by Sujit Kumar Singh through advocate Binay Kumar Das, after which the court sent a notice showing a tough stance. Prior to this, such questions were raised in many web series. There is a growing demand from the Supreme Court to make tougher laws for OTT platforms.

Earlier, a case was registered against Mirzapur district web series creator and platform Amazon Prime Video. A man named Arvind Chaturvedi was accused of hurting religious, social and regional sentiments. A police team also went to Mumbai to investigate the matter. A few days ago a young man from Mirzapur mentioned that he had to lose his servant due to a web series. When he named his district during the interview, he was insulted and thrown because of his bad image.

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