Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 18th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena attempts suicide

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 18th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab blaming Thapki for ruining everything with her mistake. Thapki says I didn’t know Purab, I have burnt that CD with my hand. She goes to the inhouse temple and brings that CD. Purab sees the CD. Priyanka takes the CD and says this is Chachi’s album CD, Jai Mata Di. Thapki recalls getting a call and going keeping the CD there. Purab says if joke is happening here and asks her to take responsibility of her wrong doings, and says did you burn the wrong CD. Priyanka and Hansika smirks. Sargam asks how many chances you will give to her. Sapna says she is doing this as Veena haven’t accepted her as bahu. Sargam asks him to throw her out right now. Hansika thinks she is feeling love for this fat girl. Dadi scolds Sargam and tells that Thapki is the bahu of the house, and scolds her. Purab says this wouldn’t have happened if you had done your responsibility well, and says whatever Mom’s condition is today, it is because of you. He says you have hurt me and all the family members. He goes. Priyanka, Sapna and others leave. Thapki cries. Hansika looks at her crying and says the game has just started, big tamashas are remaining.Thapki cries.


Priyanka reads the comments and gets happy before Sapna, where people are commenting against Veena. She says our dream is fulfilled, as Veena Chachi’s status and identity is gone. She asks if you are not happy. Sapna says I am feeling bad for Veena at some side of the heart.

Hansika comes to Purab. He says Thapki please..He turns and looks at Hansika. Hansika says I know you are very angry and stressed, I came to tell you that I am always with you. Purab says thank you Hansika. He says I need to handle Mom now and goes. Hansika says that day will come, when you come to me only. Thapki is in the mata rani’s temple and asks what happened Mata Rani, did I do the mistake? I had burnt the CD infront of you. She says did I do any mistake? She recalls getting a call and turning. She thinks I should have checked once, before deleting the CD. I had packed the bag, and gave CD to Purab. Hansika calls Rohit and tells that there is a serious matter here, and asks him to get underground if needed and not to do any mistake. Thapki blames herself and says Maa ji bear so much humiliation due to my mistake, whom I regard as my mentor. She cries. Hansika comes there and hides her phone. She says it had happened and says you should have been careful, says I hope everything is fine soon. She goes.

Thapki comes to Veena’s room and knocks on the door. He asks her to open the door and asks if you will leave me sad, then how can I leave you. Veena comes to the dressing table, when her innerself tells that she is looking as if she is destroyed. She says your sacrifices and hardwork had gone waste, and this all happened due to your bahu, whom you made the bahu. Veena says there is nothing like that. Her innerself asks her to see that people are saying snide comments on her, and now she has become zero, laughs. Veena Devi cries and breaks the mirror. Purab gets worried and calls her. Everyone comes there. Her innerself is shown to her, and she says that Veena’s identity is wiped out. Veena cries. Purab asks her to open the door. Dadi asks him to break the door. He breaks and gets inside. He finds Veena Devi unconscious with her slit hands. Purab makes her lie down on the bed. Thapki brings icepack. Purab asks her to stop right there. Thapki holds Veena’s hand and applies the icepack. Sargam taunts her and asks her not to touch her Mom. Thapki says it is needed. She says now the bandage needs to be done. Priyanka taunts Thapki for blinding Purab already and blaming her for Veena’s condition. Sapna signs Priyanka to stop it.


Mukul comes to Ashok’s house and recalls seeing Ashok there. He thinks this is Thapki’s Mama house. He knocks on the door and sees Jaya there. Jaya looks at the door. Ashok comes there and asks Jaya who is at the door. Jaya says someone knocked at the door, but there is nothing here. Ashok asks her to serve him food. Jaya says ok. Mukul looks at Jaya and cries. He reminisces his moments with Thapki and realizes that Thapki is his daughter. He goes. Anjali comes there and looks at Jaya serving food to Ashok. She thinks this is my sautan, and says this means Hansika is Thapki’s step sister.

Doctor checks Veena and says she is out of danger now, but this is attempt of suicide, I have to report this. Thapki says no doctor, please don’t do this. Maa ji is already worried, if Police case happens then. Vinod says you are our family doctor and we regard you as family, please let it be confidential. He says Veena can’t bear it. Doctor says ok. He asks Purab to come out for 2 mins. Purab goes with him. Thapki cries. Doctor says I have old relation with your parents, you shall be strong for your family. He says whoever has applied ice on Veena ji’s injury, did good work as she didn’t have blood loss due to that. Purab looks at Thapki.

Precap: Thapki brings food for Purab. Purab refuses. She takes him forcibly to have food. He says our fight is still not over. Thapki apologizes to him.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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