Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki gets blamed for Veena devi’s disrespect

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki gets blamed for Veena devi’s disrespect

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki checking Veena Devi’s albums on the CD and thinsk to keep the CDS in his bag. She keeps the CDs in his bag. Purab sees her packing the CDs and asks her to keep Mom’s everygreen journey CD to be played there. She asks can I come with you and says I will be of some use for you. He asks how much time will you take to get ready? Thapki says just 2 mins and goes. Hansika hears them and smiles. Thapki gets ready and comes downstairs. She thinks he has held her pallu and asks if he don’t want her to come, then tell straightly, she will not come. He looks at her. They come to the press conference. Purab asks his employee to send a car to pick Meera. He asks Thapki if all is set. Hansika comes there and replaces the CD in Purab’s bag. She turns and sees Thapki standing. She says full hardwork is going on here, and says I am liking to see Purab and you working together. She says good luck and goes.


Mukul comes to the bench in the garden and cries thinking they have met here for the first time, and will celebrate all the moments here. A fb is shown, Jaya says if anything happens to me, then will you come here for me. He says no, as I will go with you. Jaya laughs. He says I am sorry Jaya, I couldn’t support you and today….Anjali comes there following him. Mukul’s friend Ravi comes there and calls him. Ravi says it is good that you have identified me and says you can’t identify Jaya. Mukul says how can I forget Jaya? Ravi says you impregnated her and ran away. Anjali hears him. Ravi says leave Jaya, you didn’t come to meet even your daughter. Mukul is shocked and says my daughter. Ravi says don’t tell me that you and Jaya are having a daughter together. Mukul asks if Jaya is there still. Ravi asks are you asking that if Jaya is alive? He says yes, she is alive and says what kind of man you are, and curses him. Mukul says I want to meet Jaya once, please help me meet her once. Ravi nods his head. Anjali is shocked.

Purab plans Veena Devi’s intro. Veena Devi comes there. Everyone claps for her. Veena Devi sits. He says as soon as Meera enters, her music shall play. Meera enters and waves her hand. She touches Veena’s feet. Veena says we are equal here. Meera says I want to be under your shelter. The host tells that they will show them the journey of Veena Devi and Meera Kakkar’s journey. Sapna asks Hansika if she will do something or just clap. Hansika asks her to just watch and says the show is about to begin. Purab asks Thapki for the evergreen CD. Thapki says she will get it. She takes it from his bag. A guard looks at Thapki. Purab notices his bad eye on Thapki and comes to her. He asks the employee to throw that guy out. Thapki smiles.

The reporter asks Meera about the reason of her collaboration with Veena. Meera praises her and says she has kept alive the culture of classical music and says this is not a small thing. She says she has worked hard for her art. She says it is my responsibility to make the new generation meet Veena Devi like icon. Veena’s CD is being played. Hansika signs. They all see Veena Devi dancing wearing veil on her head in the bar. Everyone is shocked. Purab asks someone to stop this blo*dy video right now. Meera gets up and says I thought culture is important for you, but there is a bad face behind it. She calls off the collaboration. Hansika smirks. Meera walks out from there. Veena is shocked. The reporter says Veena record will get closed and asks her if she sold her soul for money and fame. Thapki runs after Meera ji and tells that the video which you saw. She asks her to hear once and says don’t judge her, it was her helplessness. Meera asks her to move from the way. Veena touches her feet and says it is someone’s work. Meera says she will not do the collaboration with her. Thapki runs inside. The reporter asks Veena if she does such performance even now. Priyanka and Sapna get happy. Purab goes to Veena and asks stop it. Thapki tells that they shall feel ashamed to comment such things and says you all shall go. Veena says you shall go. Hansika says time has come for Thapki to go and says sorry, thapki pyaar ki. She goes to Veena Devi. People chant slogans against Veena. Hansika acts to support Veena and walks with her outside. Thapki is left alone.


Sagar tells that company shares will drop down and we will suffer losses. Dadi says Veena’s respect is very important. Sapna says the reporters showed what Veena has done, she has entertained the peopled. Dadi asks didn’t you feel ashamed to say this, even though you stay in the house. She asks her to keep her mouth shut. Purab and Hansika bring Veena there. Dadi asks Veena not to worry and says everything will be fine. Vinod says I will talk to PR personally. Purab says let Mom rest alone. Veena Devi is going to her room. Priyanka tells Hansika that Veena Chachi haven’t done any drama. Hansika says we will do and asks Purab, how did this CD come and played on the projector. Priyanka says you was handling everything then how did this happen. Purab says even I am thinking and says I had given that CD to destroy. Sargam asks what? Thapki comes there. Sargam says this is happening due to her, and asks did you give CD to her. Purab turns to Thapki. Sargam shouts asking Thapki to stop. Hansika smiles. Sargam asks what is your problem, that you are taking revenge from everyone of us and says why you are ruining Bhai’s reputation. Dadi asks her not to forget that Thapki is your Bhabhi and elder than you. She asks everyone to get silent. Purab asks Thapki did you destroy that CD or not. Thapki says I did destroy it. He asks how did it played in the conference.

Precap: Purab asks Thapki to take responsibility of her mistake and says you have kept all the CDS in my bag and asks did you burn wrong CD. Sargam asks until when you will give her chance, and asks him to throw her out of the house.

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