Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki and Purab get successful to get the CD

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki and Purab get successful to get the CD

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab hearing someone telling that CDS are being uploaded for telecast. He thinks if CD’s are uploaded then it will be a problem. Peon asks Purab who is he? Purab says he came to give interview. Thapki throws peon’s clothes on him and asks him to change it. Hansika calls Rohit and asks him to be careful for few days. Rohit says ok and says he is getting late for gym. Anchun thinks he shall take out the number with whom he had talked. He sees a girl and collides with her. He holds her. Anchun thinks his character is weak. The girl says I have seen your body in the gym. He says I can personally train you and asks for her number. Anchun sees Rohit’s phone falling down and checks Hansika’s number. He gets it. Rohit gets his mobile and thinks screen is on, Hansika might have forgotten to end the call. Purab and Thapki come to the broadcasting room. Anchun calls on Hansika’s number, but the number is off. He thinks one day it will be on. Purab asks the employees of the news channels to run out as fire drill is happening. They all run out. Purab asks Thapki to search the CD and keeps hand on her saree. She asks what are you doing and gets surprised. He says your saree was opening aunty. She ties it properly.


They search for the CD. The employees ask everyone to run out and say fire is off. Receptionist tells that there is no fire and asks them to get back to their work. She asks someone if they saw an old aunty. Thapki looks at the CD cover and shows Purab. Purab says it is empty. Thapki says CD is uploading. Purab says we have to close the server and says we shall take out the power plugs, to get the server closer. Veena Devi says I will come. Dadi asks her not to worry and asks her to sit and watch her program. Veena thinks if Purab doesn’t take the CD then it will be ruined. Sapna tells Priyanka that news channel will play the spicy news continuously. The TV program starts, and the host briefs about Veena devi and starts the program with her bhajan. Veena Devi closes her eyes and hears the bhajan. Sapna tells Priyanka that will come next. Thapki and Purab see the second CD uploading and about to get 99 percent. Purab takes out the plugs and the server gets off. The Anchor tells that they couldn’t continue the program and says we will return soon with Veena Devi’s program. Purab says finally video stopped uploading.

The receptionist comes there with the employee and says catch them, but couldn’t find anyone. Purab and Thapki are in the car. Thapki tells Purab that they have won. He thanks her and says if you had not come then . He asks who came. Thapki says Veena Devi’s fan started, then bahu and wife came. Purab thinks who are you, at one side you are supporting your brother and other side. She says you have given me the time. Thapki says they shall check if the CD is right. Purab checks the CD and finds his number dancing on the item song in the bar. They get shocked. Purab closes the CD and drives home. Priyanka tells Sapna that everyone is praising Veena and says if we had put the CD on internet then. Sapna says that day you liked my idea. Hansika comes there and smiles seeing them, and asks aww plan failed. She says you both are bad players, if you had involved me then nothing would have happened like this. She asks what is the plan? Sapna asks Priyanka if we shall tell her. Priyanka says ok, and tells that they had found a CD and tells about it. Hansika smiles and then smirks.

Purab and Thapki come home and hear Veena Devi talking on phone. She sees them on door and ends the call. Thapki asks Purab to go inside alone. Veena Devi says my son, I knew that you can do this. Purab says I didn’t do this alone, Thapki helped me so much. Veena looks at Thapki and says she is increasing her numbers to save her brother, and asks him not to melt down. Purab says sometimes things are not the same, like it appears. He says I have played the CD. Veena Devi is shocked and asks if you are feeling ashamed on your mother, and says you haven’t born then, it was my struggle days, I couldn’t see any way and I was using the chance which I got. She says I have found a person there who searched my real talent and gave me a chance, and that’s how I reached here. Thapki says you shall proud of it, it is your struggle and that’s why you kept it safely. She says your respect increased in my eyes. Veena Devi says you don’t lose any chance to butter me, calls her shameless and goes. Purab feels bad for Thapki and comes to her. He says people don’t care about your struggle and from where you have come, it is just gossip for them. He asks her to finish the CD. Thapki takes the CD.


Precap: Purab asks Sargam to call Rohit home. Sargam says I don’t want Thapki Bhabhi to be there when Rohit comes. Thapki thinks to prove. Anchun tells Thapki that he found a number in Rohit’s phone. Thapki asks him to send and tells that she will match the number with the family members numbers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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