Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Hansika Pushes Purab From A Cliff

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hansika points gun at Thapki to kill her. Purab reaches there on a bike and takes gun from Hansika. Hansika gets tensed seeing him and says its good he came. Purab strangulates her and asks how dare she is to harm Sargam, he will kill her. Thapki tries to push him away. He says Hansika ruined his family’s happiness, he will not spare her. Thapki gives her promise, pulls him aside, and calms him down. They both look into each other’s eyes and hug each other. Hansika pushes them aside and tells Purab that she crossed all her limits to get him, but he chose a stammering Thapki; she will not tolerate this rejection and will not let him accept Thapki. Purab holds Thapki’s hand and their relationship is of trust and respect; the one whom she was calling as stammering, she used her singing for her fame; she tried her best to prove Thapki wrong, but now he realized Thapki’s love and sacrifice; he didn’t let Hansika hold his hand and held Thapki’s hand instead as their relationship is pure; his and Hansika’s friendship has ended now and she is dead to him.


Thapki thanks Haniska and reveals that she didn’t have any recordings and did all this force her to accept her crimes. She goes into flashback where she requests Purab to give her one last chance to expose Hansika. Purab agreees admanatly and reveals how he gave Thapki’s location to Hansika and acting as getting into his vanity van escaped from there. Out of flashback, Purab walks away with Thapki. They stand near cliff and remember their romantic days. He holds her hand and apologizes her that he couldn’t become a good husband, friend, and life partner, never trusted her, and alleged her wrongly always under Hansika’s influence. He says she alerted him regarding Sargam, but he didn’t trust her. She says even she wouldn’t have trusted him if she was in his place. He says he will set everything right and give her desired rights. She hugs him. He says he will tell her those 3 magic words, Thapki I love. She shies.

Hansika thinks she will not let him complete his sentence and pushes Thapki from the cliff. Purab stands shocked. Hansika laughs that Purab’s half wife is out of their lives now.. Thapki hanging from ciff calls Purab. Purab holds her hand and pulls her up with great difficulty. Hansika tries to push Thapki again but pushes Purab instead. Thapki searches Thapki down the cliff and prays Matarani to return her Purab. Blood falls on her hand, and she finds injured Purab hanging on a tree. She rushes him to hospital and prays Bappa to get Purab well soon. After sometime, Hansika visits Purab. Anjali calls her. She tells Anjali that Purab is still unscious, but she feels he will wake up and reveal truth to everyone; today is holi, but her life is colorless. Anjali asks her not to worry as she has a solution for her problem. Hansika meets her, and she says they have an option.

Veena with Vinod and Daadi visits hospital. Hansika acts and starts crying. Thapki says they cannot meet Purab as he is still unconscious. Vinod asks how did this happen. Hansika says she and Purab were waiting for Savri for a photoshoot and when she didn’t turn up, they joined a holi celebration nearby, got inebriated, and went to cliff and Purab fell down from the cliff. Thapki says she is lying and pushed Purab from cliff. They stand shocked hearing that.


Precap: Precap will be added later.

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