Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki helps Purab to get the CD

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Veena Devi coming to Purab’s room and gives the CD’s cartoon. He asks why did you bring it, would have told the Servant. Veena says it is my memories and I will bear the burden. She gets emotional thinking about her struggle and success. He says I can understand and asks her to sit. He says I used to think that you don’t take out time for me intentionally, but when I started reading about you, I understood why you have done this. She asks you are recording everything. He says I don’t remember anything, actually Thapki…Veena says you still have relation with her. Purab says we stay in the same room and she herself has written this, and knew the details about you, which you don’t remember. Veena Devi says she might have remembered it for her own mission. She takes out the chits from the board and says she don’t want Thapki’s interference during her event with Meera.


Priyanka tells that they shall bet on options, and says Veena Chachi might be having affair and Purab and Sargam are of someone’s child. Sapna says what are you saying? Priyanka says she might have killed someone or buried the body. Sapna says what are you saying. Priyanka bets on option 1. Sapna bets on option 2. They start the recording. They see a dancer dancing while the men are showering money on her. They are shocked to see Veena singing and dancing while surrounded by the men. They get shocked. Priyanka says she can’t think all this. Sapna says what did you do Veena? She smiles and gets an idea. She says I will erase her identity who teaches Bhakti to everyone. She says her own children will hate her. Priyanka says you got the treasure of your life. Sapna says it will be use at right time, and laughs.

Sargam tells Rohit that Bhai is ready to meet you. Rohit pretends to be happy. Sargam asks if you are happy. Rohit says yes, and says my career haven’t started. Sargam says we will marry when your career started. Anchun comes there and holds Rohit’s hand. He asks him to tell the truth to Sargam. Rohit says you want me to lie to her. Sargam says I know what is truth. Anchun signs his eyes will be on him. Rohit goes with Sargam. Anchun calls Thapki and informs her. Thapki asks why did you fight with him. Anchun says now Rohit will meet that person and I will catch him. Purab is coming from the other direction and looks at Thapki. They look at each other. Suddenly they collide and the cartoon falls down from his hand. They bend down to pick it. They have an eye lock. Sapna comes there with Priyanka and offers to help him. She then takes out CD from her saree and keeps Veena’s dance CD in it. Purab goes. Thapki says even I will go to office. Sapna tells Priyanka that it will be entertaining when Veena’s CD is played. She asks about Hansika. Priyanka says I haven’t seen him since long.

Thapki hears Purab giving the CDs to the Sudheer and asks him to return it to him. Sudheer says ok and goes. Purab calls secretary and sees Thapki standing outside. Veena Devi checks the box for her ring and finds the CD missing. Purab calls HR dept and asks about the work. HR officer says Thapki has already told us. Veena Devi calls Purab and asks about the CDS. Purab tells that Sudheer took it from Meera vocals. She tells that it is black color CD and says if someone gets it, then my name, company and respect will be ruined. She asks him to get it else Qayamat will come. Purab comes to Sudheer’s office and asks about meeting him. Thapki comes home. Dadi asks Thapki to come and watch the program. Priyanka says Chachi is tensed. Sapna says no. Vinod says Veena is in her room. Thapki thinks to call Purab and asks him about the CD.


Purab tries to talk to the receptionist of the news channel, but she refuses to let him go. Thapki calls him, and he picks the call. Purab asks him to bring the black color CD. Receptionist tells that she is not courier service lady. Purab says I will call your CEO. Thapki thinks what to do. Receptionist tells that CEO is busy. Thapki comes there in old lady’s avatar and stammers while speaking to the receptionist. Purab identifies her and takes her to side. She tells that she came to help him and get the CD. He asks did I ask you for help. She says I came as Maa ji’s fan and not as bahu. She says she has a plan. Veena Devi prays to God that all her hardwork will go waste. Dadi comes there and asks her to come as program will be coming. Veena messages Purab that if they telecast the CD then everything will be ruined. Purab says nothing will happen. He asks Thapki about her plan. Thapki acts to get stomach pain which went to her heart now. The receptionist asks her to sit and says I have joined just now. She asks Purab to help. Purab says your office, your rules, why shall I help. Thapki signs him to get the card, but steals it herself and gives to Purab. Purab enters the office, while Thapki is taken by the receptionist. He hears that CDs is being uploaded and will be telecast in 5 mins. Veena sits holding her breath and watches the channel. Purab thinks to do something any how.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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