Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam’s wrong statement traps Anchun and Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam’s wrong statement traps Anchun and Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with thapki tells Anchun that they shall take sargam to home first. Just then Purab and Veena Devi come there and see Thapki and Anchun holding Sargam’s hands. Veena Devi comes inside and slaps Anchun. She asks what is happening here? Purab asks her to know what is happening here before reacting. Thapki says both brother and sister are here, and Sargam unconscious. They ask what is the matter? Veena says not here and asks Purab to take Sargam home. She asks Anchun to come along with them. Anchun nods his head. Purab brings Sargam and makes her sleep on the bed. Hansika thinks today Thapki will be thrown out from here. Veena Devi asks what my daughter was doing there and tells Anchun that if he does anything wrong with her daughter then he will be get rotten in jail all life. Sapna says one thing can happen. Thapki says nothing of that sort happen and swears on Mata Rani. Purab says Thapki has the right to speak. He asks her to say. Thapki says when I went to call Sargam, I found her missing in the room. She says just then she got Anchun’s message that she is unconscious in the café. Anchun says yes. Purab stops him. Thapki says I messaged you before leaving. Purab says there is no message in my phone. Hansika recalls deleting it. Veena Devi says she is lying. Purab asks did you really send the message or not. Thapki says I messaged you. Hansika says message shall be in your phone and asks her to check, but it is not there even in her phone. Vinod asks her to show. Thapki says I couldn’t find it. Hansika recalls deleting it as well. Priyanka says Thapki didn’t tell me about Sargam before leaving. Sapna says the brother and sister wanted to. Purab says Sargam is your something and Thapki is the bahu of the house. Vinod says they are guilty of Sargam. Purab says I will not come to any conclusion before hearing the truth. He says when I called you, you said you couldn’t find her.


Thapki says when I reached there, I couldn’t see Sargam or Anchun. Anchun says I thought people can identify Sargam and took her to hotel room. Thapki says just as I reached the room to take Sargam from there, you all have reached there. Sargam says it is a lie. Hansika says you people are not thinking about important question and asks why did Sargam elope? She asks did she tell you anything. Thapki says whatever we talk, shall talk infront of Sargam and not behind her back. Veena Devi says this girl is a liar from top to bottom and asks Purab to throw her out. She holds her hand to throw her out, but Purab holds her hand. He tells Veena that Thapki is not any old stuff of the house, but my wife. He says we shall hear Sargam’s side of version too. He goes to Sargam’s room. Thapki thanks him for giving her a chance. Purab says you have the right and I believe on giving fair chance to everyone. Thapki says your anger is justified. Purab says if mistake is of your brother, then I will not back off from punishing him.

Thapki comes to Anchun and says everything will be fine. Anchun says you should have told Rohit’s name when everyone was accusing you. Thapki says Sargam told me about him with the trust. She says Sargam will tell herself. Rohit tells Hansika that he did a small mistake and tells her about putting sleeping pill in the drink and she might have seen me mixing it. Hansika says you are telling me now and says your game is over, if she takes your name. Rohit says if I drown then will drown with you. Later Sargam wakes up. Purab asks if she is fine. Sargam says how can I be at home and says I…Purab asks what? She asks for water. Purab goes out and sees Thapki and Anchun sleeping on the sofa. He wakes up Thapki and says Sargam got consciousness. Anchun also wakes up.

Veena Devi asks Sargam what had happened in the night. Sargam recalls Rohit adding pill in the water and tells Dadi that Anchun had spiked her drink. Hansika thinks how did this miracle happen. Sargam says I got unconscious. Anchun says I just gave the medicine and asks her to say the truth. Sargam says shut up and says I am telling you from day one, that I don’t want to be your friend and says he is following her. Veena asks if he teases her. Sargam says he tries to make me realize that my friends, lifestyle and everything is wrong. She tells Purab that day she was not well, and Anchun was the reason for that. She says he wanted to trouble and insult me. Anchun says I didn’t do anything, this is not the truth. Why will I do this in my sister’s sasural and tells that he has an eye witness. Dadi says call him. Waiter comes there who is brought by Hansika and Rohit already. Sargam says I don’t know him. The waiter says he works in hotel and café too, and says when she fainted, I was there. Priyanka says he will take Anchun’s support. Sapna says he called him to fooled us. The waiter says I will say the truth and will not take anyone’s side. Thapki asks him to tell the truth. The waiter says I completed Anchun’s shift and asked him to drink bear with me, but he refused. He says I followed him and saw him giving water glass to Sargam, after which she fainted. Hansika smiles.


Precap: Purab asks Thapki from when you know about Sargam. Thapki says 3 days. Purab asks didn’t you get one chance to tell me. He hits his hand on the window and gets it injured. Thapki gets concerned for him. He says we stay together for 24 hours and says I am repenting for the first time, and tells that he couldn’t see his mom. Thapki says I should have told you before, but believe me my brother is not wrong. He asks her to prove, else he will not leave Anchun.

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