Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam elopes, Thapki gets trapped by Hansika

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam elopes, Thapki gets trapped by Hansika

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking the Servants not to do any mistake and says nothing wrong shall happen. Hansika looks at her. Sapna tells Priyanka that she used to buy balcony tickets whenever she uses to go to watch film. Priyanka says that’s why Hansika’s favorite place is this. Purab comes home and tells Thapki that he came back. He likes the flowers and says good job. Sapna says hero and heroine romance will start. Priyanka asks where is the ointment to apply on the burns and asks Hansika if she needs. Hansika thinks very soon heroine will change and thinks they are foolish. Thapki tells Purab that she wants to talk to him about. Vinod comes there and asks Purab to get ready and asks Thapki to call everyone, as the groom’s family can come at any time.


Minister and his wife come to see Sargam and praises Veena devi’s singing. Veena Devi also praises him. Purab says if Anuj and Sargam meet once before the alliance is fixed, then its good. Sapna says you have come here for roka. Anuj’s mother says he has to go to US soon as his visa is about to expire, if everything is fine then roka can happen today. Thapki goes to call Sargam. Hansika helps Sargam elope from the window. Sargam puts the cloth out and asks Hansika if she is doing right. Hansika gets angry and says you have two options, one is to live boring life with Anuj, and exciting and wishful life with Rohit. She asks what do you want? Thapki comes to Sargam’s room and couldn’t find her there. She thinks where did she go? She finds the cloth there and realizes she has eloped. She gets shocked and calls her, but she is not picking the call.

Sargam comes to the restaurant. Anchun says today is your roka, why did you come here? He asks if Thapki knows. Sargam says I will break your face. Waiter sends Anchun from there. Sargam asks Rohit to meet her family once. Rohit says I don’t have confidence, and the guy whom your parents have selected is Minister’s son and my father is having grocery shop. She asks what to do, shall I do roka? Anchun comes back to the waiter. Sargam is about to faint. Rohit makes her sit and switches off her phone. Thapki thinks what did you do Sargam? She thinks what I will tell everyone. Rohit asks for the medicine from Anchun. Anchun gives. Rohit diverts him and changes the medicine. He puts it and asks Anchun to make her drink. Anchun makes her drink. Sargam faints. Anchun turns to Rohit and finds him missing. He worries for Sargam and asks what happened?

Minister and his family are served food by Priyanka. Minister asks if this is someother fort’s food. Priyanka says this is Dewrani’s recipe, I am just serving it. Purab praises the food made by Thapki and asks Anuj to try this. Anuj tastes it. Hansika thinks I shall fail Thapki’s every plan. Anuj says it is amazing, she has magic in her hands. Minister asks Veena, if they shall talk about dowry, and says I know you will not refuse. Minister laughs and says we want Thapki to give cooking training to Sargam. Thapki comes to the balcony and signs Purab. Hansika sees her. Purab doesn’t look at her. Anchun calls Thapki and tells that Sargam is unconscious in the café and Rohit is missing. He asks what to do? Thapki asks him to be with her, and take care of her. She says nobody shall recognize her. She messages Purab that she is going to bring Sargam and asks him to handle everything here. Hansika takes Purab’s mobile and deletes the message. She keeps back his phone silently. Minister asks them to call Sargam. Veena asks Priyanka to call her.


Thapki thinks to bring back Sargam. Priyanka asks where is she? Thapki says she was doing make up, and her make up was spoiled, so I was going to market to bring make up for her. She asks her to handle till then. Priyanka thinks something is fishy and thinks to go in Sargam’s room. Waiter switches off Anchun’s mobile who suggested him to take her to room. Anchun thanks him. Waiter goes. Thapki reaches the café. Priyanka tells Sapna that Sargam has eloped and asks shall we drama or not. Sapna asks her to do as she said. She tells Veena that they are ruined, and house respect eloped from the window. Veena asks what happened? She asks her to tell straight. Priyanka asks Sapna to say. Sapna tells that Sargam has eloped. Thapki finds Anchun’s phone switched off. Minister gets up and asks what are you saying? Veena says my daughter is not like that. They ask if she is having an affair. Minister says her own daughter has crossed the limits. Purab says Sargam is not such girl. Minister says I am not talking any wrong and says what shall I tell to my relatives etc. They leave.

Veena Devi says I told not to let that Thapki stay here, but you want to go against me. Purab says why are you blaming Thapki? Veena says call her. Priyanka says she is not at home. Vinod asks where did she go? Purab says I will call her. Thapki asks waiter about Anchun. She gets Purab’s call and picks the call. He says where are you? Thapki says I have sent you message, didn’t you read. Purab asks where is Sargam? Thapki says I couldn’t find her yet and says stop the guy’s family. Purab says they are gone. Thapki says give me sometime, I will search her. Veena asks Purab if he got the answers. Purab says I will call Police. Hansika tells that they shall think about respect. He says his sister is more important than the respect. Hansika says I have another idea and says her friend is in mobile company and he can locate the number. She says she will send the number. Anchun checks his mobile and finds his phone off. He switches on his phone and calls Thapki. Hansika says she is in hotel Royal leaf. Dadi, Veena and everyone are shocked. Purab and everyone leaves. Anchun opens the door. Thapki comes inside. Thapki asks Anchun why he didn’t pick the call. Anchun says Sargam. She says we shall take her from here. Just then door opens, Purab, Veena and others come there and see Thapki and Anchun holding Sargam.

Precap: Veena Devi tells Purab that Thapki and Anchun are guilty of Sargam. Hansika says why did Sargam elope? She asks if Sargam told you anything. Thapki says whatever the matter is, shall be talked infront of Sargam and not behind her. Veena Devi says this girl is a lie from top to bottom and says throws her out right now. She is about to throw her. Purab holds her hand and says she is not the house old stuff, but my wife.


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