Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Devraj was married to Maya

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Devraj was married to Maya

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Krisha says why did you bring me here? He says you wanted to know where she is? There, there she is. Krisha says how? He says that day was also normal. I didn’t know I would my life would get so dark by the evening. We had a new hotel being inaugurated. Maya was designing the pub. She was speaking to Devraj on call about the color theme while driving. Her car fell in a ditch. She screamed. Devraj was on call. Devraj says rescue team tried to take the car out but they couldn’t. Krisha says and Maya? He says there was no hope for her to live. It was clear that with that car Maya was also..


Jaya asys will anyone tell me how did this come in the gifts? Aarav says he picked the opened gift from the floor. Raghav says this gift was already open. Rati is saying she picked gift from Kach’s car and Kach is saying he picked them from Devraj’s car. No one did anything wrong so how did it come here? But still it happened, how? How did this video play? Ugra says seriously? Who did and how? I can’t change what happened. The thing that you wanted to hide from her, now she knows.

Krisha says why didn’t you tell me the truth? Devraj says I am like that since childhood. A voice inside me told me I am responsible for her. Krisha says how? He says she was my responsibility. I was isolated. Jaya maa was very worried for me. I stayed busy all the time. then I met you and I felt like I had a life and future. I was wrong. I wanted to tell you everything but I feared what if you leave me. It’s my fault. Will you forgive me? Krisha looks away. Devraj says I get it. He leaves. Krisha says did you love her? Did you love Maya? Devraj says Maya.. She was my childhood friend. Jaya maa got us married to solve our family rivalary. It didn’t happen. Her family hated her after the wedding. She left everything to be with me and I couldn’t save me.

Scene 2
Kach says Devraj was married and his wife died, why did you hide that from Krisha? Minakshi says I said the same. Rati says I thought the same. We could tell her. Aarav says Devraj would tell her anyway. Ugra says was she the last girl on planet? Jaya says Krisha is very hurt. Ugra says what to do next? Jaya says she must be really hurt. We have to make her realize we all love her and this is her family. Naina says will she even come back?


Krisha says such a big accident happened to you and it was not even on internet. Yash Googled you. He says I didn’t want any information related to it on internet. Krisha says you didn’t answer my question. Did you love Maya? Why don’t you say the truth? Devraj says yes I loved her. She was my wife. Krisha says do you still love her? Devraj says once you love someone, you love them till your last breath. Krisha says so what’s my place in your life? Devraj says my life is because of you. If you didn’t come to my life I won’t have been alive. Krisha shuts him up. Devraj says I am sorry I kept you in dark. Please don’t leave me. My life would be dark without you. Krisha says I got to know your truth. I want to listen to my heart and it says I should trust you. I always felt like you had many sad things inside you. You could lie to me that you didn’t love Maya but you didn’t lie.

Scene 3
Roma is about to break the drive. Jaya says Krisha already found out the secret it in. Roma says what about the secret no one knows about? What will happen when that truth comes out? How long can we hide that? What story will Devraj tell her? The one the world knows or the one only we know. Jaya says our plan would fail if we can’t keep it secret. Our intention might not be wrong but our way is wrong. We are Krisha’s culprit and this is killing Devraj.

Krisha says I know you are in so much pain. How can I leave you alone? SHe hugs him. I am happy that you told me the truth, everything. If there’s anything tell me now. I won’t be convinced easily the next time. There should be no secrets between us now. devraj is shocked.


Scene 4
Devraj comes home alone. Everyone is shocked. Jaya says that means Devraj told her everything. Naina says to Raghav well played. Krisha enters the house behind Devraj. Jaya smiles. Devraj brings her inside. Aarrav says I am very happy, he hugs Devraj. Jaya hugs Krisha. She says thank you for forgiving us and giving us another chance. Krisha says you are my family. How can I leave my family. Jaya says always stay happy. Devraj shakes his head.

Krisha comes to her room. She thinks about the footage. She looks aroung. Rati brings tea for her. Krisha says was this Devraj and Maya’s room? Was it always this way? Rati says let’s have tea. Krisha says I want to know. I won’t discuss it with Devraj. Rati says it was very different. We got it changed so Devraj doesn’t miss her. But he’s out of it now and you are the reason. He’s trying to live his present and future. Krisha says was she very pretty? I know I look just okay. Was she pretty? Rati says I would she was not less or more pretty than you. She was as pretty as you.

Episode ends


Precap-At night, a woman comes outside Krisha’s room in ghunghat. Krisha is scared. She follows the woman. Devraj says to Jaya and Roma on reception night, I will take the biggest secret of my life away from Krisha’s eyes. Krisha comes there and says I found out everything.

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