Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Krisha trapped in Devraj’s house

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Krisha trapped in Devraj’s house

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Devraj wakes up and says you didn’t sleep? Krisha says I am not used to sleeping with a stranger and you won’t let me go out. Who knows what would you do with my family. He says get used to it then. You might have to spend a lot of nights here. Krisha says how long will you keep me here? He says you will know. Krisha says I want to know right now. Devraj says you are not in state of questioning me. Krisha says I want my answer. He says move aside. He says you have to become Maya, Krisha says I will never become Maya. I won’t give up. Devraj says I never lose. Krisha says you will lose. I want my answer. Devraj drags her to the room and says you’ve 2 hours. We will start then. Krisha says start what? You weren’t like that. He leaves.


Scene 2
Krisha washes her face and recalls everything. Krisha says what’s happening. I felt like it was a nightmare. Devraj became my life and now he feels like a stranger. She recalls Sudha saying marriage is very difficult. Some days you start feeling like they’ve become strangers to you. But you stay their wife. This sindur is very strong. It’s priceless. Nothing can lighten it’s color. You should know it’s power.

Krisha comes out. Devraj says let’s start. Krisha says what do you want me to start? He shows her Maya’s videos. She’s very modern and drinks. Krisha says what is this? Devraj says this is how Maya was. You’ve to copy her eveything and be her. Krisha says I won’t. He says you journey to start becoming Maya has started. In this house what I ask happens. Krisha says you can’t force me. He takes her to the room with Maya’s pictures, shoes and dresses. Devraj says you’ve to become like this. These are Maya’s stuff it’s all yours now. You’ve to wear them. Get used to it. Don’t waste time. You’ve to learn everything about Maya. Krisha says I will never be Maya. Devraj says I will make you Maya. Krisha shoves him. He says Maya also had an attitude. Krisha says I will tell everyone. Won’t people in this house think why am I trying to be Maya? He says I don’t care about them. You’ve to learn to wear these heels and walk like Maya. All the best. Get used to this name too. Maya.

Krisha says I don’t know what to do. Who was the real Devraj? The one I loved or this one? Naina wonders what’s Krisha doing in Maya’s dressing room? Krisha says to temple and says why did you do this? My dream became a nightmare. I want to go back home to my parents. I can’t tolerate all this anymore. Devraj will take away my life. What should I do? He isn’t letting me out. Rati and Aarav come. Krisha ignores them. Rati says you won’t talk to us? Krisha says there’s nothing left to talk about. Aarav says you have heard many lies and we know you won’t trust us. I know you are hurt. Krisha says I am. And your apology won’t change that. Rati says I wasn’t okay with keeping you in dark. I was told not to tell you. I tried.. Krisha says when? Rati says I tried to giev you hints. That photo, chit, I kept it. Krisha says people say things straightforward in my house. I don’t get these clues. Rati says we can’t go against this house’s rules. I kept that photo for you in the kitchen. Jaya was really mad at me after mangalsutra incident. Aarav says I saw Devraj breaking after Maya died. Devraj was in a lot of pain. He still is. Krisha says pain? What about my pain? Didn’t you think about it? Aarav says I saw Devraj happy with you I thought.. Krisha says you thought let’s keep her in dark. Your words and actions are different. And why should I trust you both? I’ve not reason. Rati says please. I swear on my parents, I am not lying. We are with you. Aarav says can you give us a chance? Krisha says I feel good that you both apologized to me. But there’s not much different between trust and mirror. Once broken, it can’t be fixed. The cracks always remain there. Give me time. My heart or circumstances might change.


Scene 3
Naina tells Ugra Krisha was in Maya’s dressing room. Ugra says what was she doing there? Raghav says to look like Maya. Her face is same and she wants to use it. Ugra says but she said she won’t lose her identity now she wants to be Maya to trap Devraj. She wants all his wealth. Which woman comes back after so many lies. Naina says she’s middle class. Money matters to her. raghav says Maya used to rule this house and made our life hell. We won’t let Krisha become another Maya. Ugra says we will kick her out before that.

Krisha thinks about them. She says I can’t leave this house but I can be kicked out. Krisha looks for the necklace in Ugra’s room. She takes it. She drops the vase so Rati sees her leaving the room. Ugra comes there. Krisha comes to Jaya. Jaya says come in. Krisha says can I go to market to get some stuff. Jaya says can I go with you? Ugra shouts at the servants and says who stole my neckalce?

Episode ends



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