Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopika asked to leave the coaching

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Scene 1
Gopika asks kids if she can sit with them. They ignore her. Gopika doesn’t understand their language. They say you are so outdated. They leave. Another kid says teacher was right, she will ruin our mood. They leave. A kid says aunty ji principal has called you in the class. Gopika comes to the corridor. Priya is sistting there. She says sir did you call me? He says I heard you’re not catching up with the class. The kids say we don’t want to study with you. He says sorry Gopika. This will ruin my business. Find another coaching. Priya says class over.


Chiragh says everyone will be so proud of Gopika in the coaching. Saksham says class will be over in 30 minutes. Let me go pick her. Gopika comes in tears. Saksham says what happened? They ask her why are you crying? Priya says she’s in shock. Saksham says what did you do? She says I was teacher, Gopika was student. I only taught her, I thought I should help her. She couldn’t answer anyt question so she had to stand on the desk. The kids laughed. It was really bad. Gopika comes to room and recalls what happened. She cries. Nikhila picks her admit card. She says talking it out makes you feel better. gopika says I can’t do this. Nikhila says let’s play a game. She says saksham.. Saksham says maa let’s play. I will show you images and you have to tell me the difference. Gopika tells difference in all of them. Nikhila says this is old and new Gopika. New gopika has confidence. Gopika says old Gopika was weak. Nikhila says she’s brave now. Saksham says the Gopika of today fights against wrong. Gopika says I can fulfill my dream. I won’t stop. There’s still time. Saksham hugs her.

Scene 2
Minal says how will we handle this blackmailer? Nikhila says we will wait for her call. Ramila says should I call? I can’t let this opportunity go. She calls them. Nikhila says money is ready. You asked for 4 lacs, I will give you 5 lacs. Ramila says why? Nikhila says i don’t want this secret out. I want to invite you for dinner. Ramila says come to the same place on same time with money. Nikhla says I want her to trust me. we have to wait for the right time now.

Scene 3
Gopika comes to the class. she says good morning. They say you came again.. Gopika says sir said I have 2-3 days. Priya says Gopika is gone. She hears her. Gopika says can I talk to you all? She says I am learning your lingo. priya says let me tell the manager. Gopika asks a kid if your mom, aunt don’t know the meaning of TTYL would you ask her to leave? He says I would tell them. Gopika says if your mom couldn’t fulfill her dreams would you support her now or tell her to see her age. She asks a girl to open her bag and take out her favorite book. She says is there any age limit in any of these? If it’s nowhere who are we to decide we can’t study after a certain age? The topic we studied yesterday was 400 years ago. Did we refuse it? A girl says let’s call the manager.


Priya says to manager the kids won’t come here your institute would shut down. The manager says Gopika only 2 weeks are left in the exams. We can’t waste time. Please leave. The kid says sir I’ve decided if Gopika leaves, I will leave too. Another girl says yes I will leave too. She’s an inspiration. A lot of kids say they’ve no problem with her. The manager says if students have no problem I shouldn’t have. Priya says I will ask you questions, if you don’t answer them you will have to leave. Gopika says your question is half english, half hindi but I can answer it. She answers her all the questions. Kids say you are amazing. We need to study with you.

Episode ends

Precap-Priya says these people can’t help you in studies. Saksham says Gopika can do it alone. Priya says open challenge, if you get more marks than me I will leave this house, if you get less marks, you will leave the house. Gopika accepts the challenge.


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