Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopika plans a surprise for Saksham

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopika plans a surprise for Saksham

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saksham prays that he gets the big deal he has today. Gopika says breakfast is ready. He says I have to leave early. Aashi says to Gopika Saksham was sleeping on sofa. Is he mad? She says yes after the spray incident. Aashi says I have idea that will make him happy. She tells him the idea. Gopika says will he like it? Aashi says yes. He will love it. Gopika says let me tell Maa about it.


Scene 2
The banker comes to ramila and says give me interest. she says I got the loan yesterday. He says our interest applies every day. Tejal comes and says who’s he? Ramila says he’s my client. The banker says to Tejal you’ve nice hair. She says thanks. He says you can take more loan. Tejal says in heart I need to score this client. Tejal asks what do you think of me? HE says you are pretty. He says then do the deal with me.

Gopika calls Saksham. He’s in the meeting. He hangs up. Gopika calls the manager. He tells the deal is about to be done.

Ramila says that’s my DIL. The banker says for another 100k you can morgage your DIL’s nails. But she needs to sign too. Ramila says to Tejal this is a modeling contract. Sign it. You will get famous.


Scene 3
Priya says to Saksham Gopika is planning a surprise for you at home. She’s so nice. They come home. Everyone surprises him. Nikhila says Gopika has planned a surprise for you. the whole house is decorated. Priya says congratulations. He says great surprise. Pooja. This is what I wanted. Gopika says mata’s chunri for you. Saksham says I will do the pooja and go to sleep. aashi says he will be so mad now. Nikhila says you both will do the jagrata together. Go and get ready. Saksham says okay maa. He’s mad. Gopika says to Saksham come here, we have to make the laddus together. He says should I become a cook in office clothes? I will get ready. You start. Gopika says maa ji has said we’ve to make it together. saksham makes a laddu. gopika says I will make the rest.

Priya says to Saksham what a surprise, you must be relaxed. He says don’t mock me. She says I thought she would have planned a relaxing dinner. And she planned jagrata. He says where does she come up with such plans. I am so tired and jagrata. I will faint. Priya says I have a plan. do as I say. He says okay. Priya tells him the plan.

Gopika says the laddus are made. gopika and Nikhila start the jagrata. Saksham says maa my head hurts. Music is too loud. Nikhila says husband and wife sit together in jagrata. Gopika says I can sit here. He should relax. Nikhila says okay. Saksham sits at the back.


Lights go off. Chiragh says we have to call an electrician. Nikhila says we can’t stop the jagrata. Saksham says we can light the candles. Gopika comes with the candles. She places it around the house. Priya sneaks Saksham out. She says how did my plan work? Saksham says I feel bad. She says you were there, but you’re tired. He says let’s have wine. Saksham says I can’t have in jagrata. She says some wine to unwind. Relax. Cheers. She makes him drink.

Episode ends

Precap-Gopika looks for Saksham. She sees him with Priya. Saksham says to her thank you for coming to my life.


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