Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopika dances on glass

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Priya asks Gopika to dance on the glass. She says dance Gopika. Saksham says you won’t. Priya calls the inspector. Gopika stops her. Priya says music.. Gopika dances on the glass. He feet bleed. Everyone is in tears. Priya laughs. Gopika falls.. saksham holds her. She faints.


Ramila texts Keshap do you have the money? Keshap says we want to know who you are. Minal says tell us how you know this secret. Ramila takes out her gun. Minal says this looks like a fake gun. Keshap says we can’t risk it. He gives her the money. Kehsap sees her hair. He says she’s a woman. Minal says we can give you 2 lacs if you show us your face. Ramila leaves.

Scene 2
Nikhila cleans glass from Gopika’s feet. Gopika says why did you have to go through this. Gopika says I am fine. Saksham says you’re not. Gopika says it’s about tonight only. Priya says had fun Gopika? I came to see how you are. Don’t act oversmart you all. Next time I will ask her to walk on coal. Nikhila says do you see her condition? Have some shame? She says let’s play a game. Aashi who do I love? Aashi says Saksham. Priya says who does Saksham love? Chiragh says Gopika. Priya says who is Saksham’s legal wife? Nikhila says you. Priya says who everyone is with? Nikhila says Gopika. Priya says how can I have humanity for this woman who took my husband. Saksham says what do you want? She says let’s take a family photo. Gopika you get out of it. And no one will wear these maid clothes. You all will call me your DIL. No one will make me feel alone. I won’t torture her otherwise.. Nikhila says Gopika you won’t listen to her. gopika says I will convince them madam. Priya says you have time till tomorrow morning. Gopika says it’s about a few hours only. Nikhila says you have to suffer so much.

Scene 3
Ramila is leaving. Sumatra comes there. She says I won’t let you kill them. Ramila shows her the gun.. Sumatra cries. She hits Ramila. The gun falls down. They hold her. Ramila shoves them and runs. Sumatra holds her and takes her mask off. Sumatra sees her face. She runs. Minal says who was she? Did you see her face? Sumatra says I’ve seen her before but I don’t know who she was.


Scene 4
Priya says say good morning to me everyone. Everyone ignores her. Priya says where is Gopika? My maid. Gopika says yes what? I can’t walk. You come here. Priya says how dare you.. Priya falls. Gopika says touching my feet to apologize? Priya says I asked you to be my maid. Gopika says it was for 24 hours only. Let me eat with my family. Priya says let me read it for you. Saksham says yes please. Priya reads Gopika will be my maid for 24 days.. She says it was 24/7 not 24 hours. Gopika says that’s what you wrote. Gopika says see the contract. I made 7 hours. Priya gets angry. Nikhila says now get out. Priya says this isn’t right. Saksham says it’s only fair. Gopika says get out now. Priya says I am not scared of anyone.

Ramila wonders if she should call or not for money. She says I should. Nikhila brings food for Sumatra. She asks how are you? Sumatra says Gopika didn’t come? Nikhila says she’s making breakfast. Sumatra says she’s very nice. Nikhila says how did you get this bruise? Saksham says Gopika you played her well. She says I am very stressed out with all this. I haven’t even started studying. Saksham says I will handle everything.

Episode ends


Precap-Saksham gives Gopika her admit card. SAksahm hugs her. Priya says you will fail in exam and class both.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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