Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Priya says you kept both the bottles so you maybe mixed. Gopika says I only had this one. saksham says why did wrong one got sprayed then? Priya says don’t get mad at her. She can’t read english. Can you? Reat it. Gopika tries to read. Nikhila says stop Gopika. Priya this is our family matter, you stay out of it, Nikhila says if Gopika is saying she used the right one I trust her. And Priya you don’t need to say anything to Gopika. Nikhila says she saved my life. Saksham says don’t take her side maa. She risked your life too. What if anything happen to you. And everyone. Minal says mummy ji also threw up so much. Saksham says Gopika I can’t tolerate anything related to maa. I will hire a maid who’s at least education. Nikhila says enough Saksham. Saksham says I won’t do any compromise with your health maa. Go and rest please.


Aashi takes Minal inside. Priya says don’t worry Gopika. He will calm down soon. Nikhila says she didn’t do it. You stay out of it and take care of yourself only. Nikhila says to GOpika I know you didn’t use the wrong spray. Gopika says maa ji you should rest. Nikhila says my Gopika.

Scen e2
Priya comes to Saksham and says I know it hurts you to see your mom in pain. I shouldn’t have said it. I was concerned. I am sorry. Saksham says it’s not your fault. You found out the truth. She says yes. Priya says I don’t know if I should say it or not. This is your personal problem with gopika. She says how are you adjusting with Gopika? You are so educated. I am sorry, I don’t wanna hurt you. I am concerned. I feel like you’re lonely too. How will you live all your life with Gopika? Saksham leaves.

Nikhila says I know it’s not your fault Gopika. It’s something else that I can’t see. Gopika says what if something happened to you. Nikhila says nothing would happen. You’re there for me. I want you as my DIL in all lives. Give me my meds. Gopika tkaes out her medicine. Priya comes to Gopika and says can you show me the prescription Gopika. I wanna make sure you are giving the right medicine.


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