Swaran Ghar 3rd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Kiran worries for expenses

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The Episode starts with Kanwal consoling Swaran. She hugs him and cries. Swaran recalls running in the lemon spoon race. She falls. Kanwal comes and takes her on his back. He runs and they win the race. The man praises their love story. Their sons clap for them. Swaran says put me down. Kanwal asks why. She says race is over. He puts her down. She thanks him. He says you will always find me with you. They hug their sons. FB ends. Swaran cries. Nakul talks to the doctor about Kanwal. Kiran asks about the insurance. Doctor says this Indian insurance will not be valid here. Nakul says I didn’t think so. Kiran asks about the treatment cost. The doctor says around 30000. She says 30000 Dollars. They worry. Vikram says around 22 lakhs rupees. Swaran says Nakul is sending tickets to us, he will get you treated there, I will send your reports to him. Kanwal asks her to go. She goes. He says you are so innocent. She cries.


Kiran asks how will we manage all this, dad doesn’t have an insurance. Vikram says we will let you know, thanks doctor. Doctor says decide it soon, the injection isn’t available in the market. Kanwal says I will go home and have food made by you. Swaran says we will go soon. Nakul and Kiran come home. She acts unwell. Vikram comes and asks are you okay, what happened. She says back pain. He gives dad’s reports. She says I was thinking, you keep them with you for two months, you know Aarav is naughty, dad needs rest, your Anisha is too little, you will get help from Swaran. Nakul says not a bad idea, your house is big. Vikram says I m getting the house renovated, how will dad climb the stairs. Nakul says I told them already. Vikram asks him to use his brain sometimes. He says dad got a stroke, but think about their travel expenses, we already have own expenses. Kiran says yes. Nakul says we will send them the injection. She asks is there no other option. Vikram says I will ask my friends about the alternate treatment. She says right, where is Yug, he should be in Chandigarh with them. Swaran makes Kanwal sit in the car. His slipper drops outside. He bends to pick it. She comes to pick. He says don’t touch it. He feels broken and cries. She holds his hand.

Vikram calls Kiran and says I spoke to my friend, there is no alternate treatment. She says oh, so sad for dad, you and Nakul share the injection costs. Vikram says no way, I just ordered a wheelchair for dad, its worth 550 dollars, it would have reached home, I have a call to make. He ends call.

Swaran and Kanwal reach home. She says Vikram has sent this wheelchair. She takes Kanwal on the wheelchair. They stop near the stairs. Kanwal asks Neelu and Amrit to come and help. The wheelchair breaks. The wheel pops out. Swaran says he had sent a new wheelchair, he said its costly. He says maybe the shopkeeper didn’t fit it well.


Kiran does the aid to Nakul. She says I got the producer’s number, call him and ask about Yug, Yug also has a duty to share the injection cost. Nakul calls the producer and asks about Yug. He asks what, he didn’t come to you, but… He asks where did he go. The man says its second hand wheelchair, it always gets one insulted. Swaran says no, my son said its costly. The man says look, it has rust, its an old piece, you buy a new wheelchair. He fixes the wheel and goes. Swaran thinks Vikram has bought a second hand wheelchair.

She recalls the childhood time. Kanwal makes the food for Vikram. Vikram refuses to eat. Kanwal says I will buy a new cycle for you. He asks Swaran not to worry, don’t worry about money, stay happy. He gets a cycle for Vikram. He hugs Vikram and makes him ride it. FB ends. Swaran talks to Vikram on call. She says Kanwal would have fallen down, you had sent a second hand wheelchair. He says one doesn’t die by falling down the wheelchair, you do a lot of drama, don’t you trust me, shall I send the bill, you are in tension, everyone has issues in their lives, take care of yourself and dad. She cries. She says Nakul would be sending our tickets soon. She thinks of returning 2 lakhs to Shorvori. She says Yug didn’t call till now. She calls Yug. He doesn’t answer. She leaves a voice note. Swaran takes the soup for Kanwal. She wakes him up. He tries to bend and gets hurt. She asks him to have it, and feeds by her hands. He says 30 years passed so soon with you. He talks of Ajit. She looks at him.

The episode ends.


Update Credit to: Amena

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